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    Thanks @dawnm and @nicole :heart: :heart: .I’ll definitely remember the painkillers. It’s still about a couple of days away and I’m already in an emotional high. Everything seems to make me cry, even your comments. Was trying to encourage myself this morning reading “supernatural childbirth” but couldn’t get past chapter 3, cos the waterworks kept flowing, I just left it and went to sleep. I’m alone at the moment cos I had to travel for work and it makes it worse and I don’t want to get my husband worked up with my nervous calls and chat every moment as it seems to be the only thing on my mind now. All I can say now is “it is well”.

    • Sending big :hug: @adeoye hun. This process is a very emotional one indeed. And you don’t have to read anything that will make you feel more emotional hun. Just enjoy your time away, watch lots of Hotel TV and eat lots of room service. Window shop till you drop, and just keep up the PMA hun. It will end in praise :heart: :heart: