• Abigail posted an update 3 years, 11 months ago

    Hello @oluwakemine am good, thanks. ..back on track with my diet and generally in a good state of mind. A reknowned fertility specialist has been recommended to me and I’ll book an appointment to see him once am back to base which will be first of March.

    • Okay Abigail @abbyigold, let’s know how you proceed. :heart: :heart:

    • Glad to hear you’ll be back on track with your diet, @abbyigold hun. It’s so important to eat right…it just might make all the difference. Good luck with the fertility specialist dear. What hospital is he in?

      • Hi @abbyigold, been long we last heard from you. Hoping all is well. How have you been.
        cc: @oluwakemine, @nicole.

        • Abigail @abbyigold, it’s been a minute oh. How are you doing? What was the outcome of your visit to the specialist?

          • Hello @oluwakemine its a while . A lot happened in my life and i kinda logged off. I did see a specialist, stayed in treatment, found a herbal supplement that helped. I have been having my periods monthly and ovulating ( i keep track). I’ve been put on a daily pill, Diane 35. Its a contraceptive that has really helped my management. The contraceptive is because i am not trying to conceive for now. Generally am really happy with where am at health wise. Unfortunately my marriage didn’t survive my fertility journey. It actually revealed unhealthy truths. I filed for divorce last August and am grateful it came through speedily. For now, my general wellness is my priority. I’ll likely be ttc again later this year. By the grace of God i wont have to try. Thank you for being here during a trying time, here i did find a family.

            • Abigail @abbyigold, I’m sending you lots of hugs. :hugs: :hugs: :hugs: It must be really tough to have gone through all of these issues at the same time. It’s sad that your marriage didn’t weather the infertility storm honestly B-) . It’s a good idea, that you are focusing on your well being, both physical and mental. Please take good care of yourself and if you really need to talk, you can talk to @nicole or myself. Just send a message. :hug: :hug: :hug:

            • My darling Abigail @abbyigold, I’m so sorry to hear that your marriage ended, but I’m glad that it sounds like you’re getting back on track and have made your wellness your priority. Sending you massive :hug: :hug: hun. We’re here for you always :heart: :heart: