Introducing the TBA Wellness Centre



Dr Toyin Bode-Abass is the Founder/CEO of TBA Wellness centre, a functional/integrative medicine consultancy. We apply a client-centered approach that addresses the whole person -not just isolated symptoms/problems, with a focus on fitness, health & lifestyle.

Owing to her struggle with being overweight from years of fertility treatment, she embarked on a lifestyle adjustment in April 2013, to help achieve her weight loss and fitness goals. She was able to motivate scores on her personal journey to fitness. She is work-in-progress.

As a medical doctor she recognized the need for a different approach to achieving optimal health instead of the traditional disease centered approach of conventional medicine; one that focuses on health promotion and disease prevention. The TBA Wellness Centre was birthed in 2015.


At TBA Wellness Centre, they equip individuals with tools to make the necessary lifestyle adjustments and take a preventive approach to their health and nutrition. Their purpose is to assist individuals achieve and maintain optimal health through healthy diets, weight management, exercise and lifestyle change as well as methods to cope with stress and everyday life. Their ultimate aim is to empower individuals to incorporate healthy habits that last a life time. Their focus is on establishing healthy habits rather than results, knowing once the habit catches on results will follow.

Their services include:

  • Weight management – TBA Health First Program and TBA FitLife Program
  • Fitness/exercise
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Pre- and post-natal fitness
  • Lifestyle management
  • Dietary management of diseases
  • Corporate wellness
  • General counseling – individual/group
  • Medical advisory
  • Clinical psychology
  • Behavioral modification
  • Bio impedance
  • Stress management facilitation
  • Goal setting techniques
  • Physical therapy
  • Image and style consulting

Their blog (Fitness, Health, and Lifestyle with DrTBA) was created primarily to inspire, motivate and encourage individuals to take charge of their own health. It is intended to be interactive and resourceful. She will be sharing information that touch on all 7 dimensions of wellness (physical, spiritual, intellectual, emotional, occupational, social and environmental). Posts will also feature success stories of our program.

Her contact information is as follows:

Blog: Fitness, Health, and Lifestyle with DrTBA


Telephone: 0809 735 8667

Address: Suite 1b, Unilag Consult House, 7B University Road, Akoka, Yaba, Lagos

The Fertile Chick: DrTBA or @toyin




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