Makeup Tips For All Women (Pregnant, TTC, Just Too Busy, etc.), by Ngozi Ezeka Atta of Jaga Beauty

Ngozi Ezeka Atta, of Jaga Beauty Studio, is one of the country’s top Make Up Artists. But even more impressive than her portfolio (which is very impressive indeed) is her charismatic personality. Armed with her brushes, a kind smile, a plethora of useful tips, she always makes you feel welcome, whilst giving you the perfect face beat for any occasion. We love her a bit more because of the support she has given us, from day 1! And in her truly graceful manner, she has shared some quick, but transforming, makeup tips for our community members, whilst also giving an insight to the lady behind the brushes.
How long have you been in the fabulous make-up artistry industry, and what attracted you to this line of business? 
The first time I ever lifted a brush to someone’s face was in September 2006, I was asked by my friend, Dinah, to be her makeup artist on her wedding day. I never knew before then that this was a money making venture. However, my love for Arts, plus the positive feedback I got after the wedding, and encouragement from my eldest sister, Joy, urged me on to go for professional training, which I did in May 2007. After that I worked for close to 3 years in the corporate world, while doing makeup part-time, and then resigned in 2010 to face this full time.  So I’ll say it’s been 10 years in the beauty industry but 3 years as a notable brand.
You have been one of our best supporters, and we are immensely grateful for all your support. Is there a reason you are passionate about infertility? 
I’m glad to be counted as one of your best supporters *smiles and blushes* . I am, first of all, a girl child, and then a woman, then a wife, and a mother. Though I didn’t have to wait before conceiving my first child, I have friends who had to wait a while, and some are still waiting. Talking with them, and having an opportunity to pray with a few of them, I do understand what it means to want something so much, and not be able to get it at that point in time. I’m presently expecting Marvels siblings after 4 plus years, though it wasn’t really planned, so most of the articles and stories I have read while researching, and on your blog also, have made the waiting process rewarding. Blogs and ventures like yours are a blessing. Well done Nicole and The Fertility Chick.
Running a business and being a Mom aren’t exactly easy tasks, how have you been able to juggle it all? And remain as stylish as ever too?
Having to live life as a wife, mother, and business woman, has been, and still is, a wonderful privilege I thank God for daily. For the opportunity to nurture, guard, and pray for them daily, I’m grateful. God’s grace, wisdom and planning has helped me for almost 6 years now. I probably don’t have it all together as I would love to, but I’m sure past going insane and getting depressed over anything that’s not working.
My husband would always tell me then, whenever he noticed my stress level rising; “You don’t have to get everything done today. Do what can be done today, and please rest”. So, I have practiced this act. I also have a memory board, where I try to write out tasks for the day, both for myself, my staff, and my maid. This has helped me a lot. There is always a sense of joy that comes with accomplishment for the day.
In staying stylish. I’m particular about the way I look especially because of the business I represent. So, even though I don’t I have my weekends free most times, I try to get my hair and nails done during the week. This should last me for about 3 weeks. My dress style is simple and classy. I don’t over dress, I just need to look clean and beautiful until, of course, I can hire a wardrobe stylist for my wardrobe (*cheeky smile*)
What is your parenting style like?
Hmmm. It’s basically very practical. We give our daughter room to be independent. There’s a lot of fun, as well as discipline. My husband and I are very practical with our daughter. No matter what we do, we allow Marvel to be herself, and to be able to express herself. So we talk a lot. I ask her questions a lot, because I want to know what’s going on in her life. I spank her when needed, once in a while. but correct her in love. I always let her know after wards, with a hug, why she was punished. Our discipline is soft, but very firm.  She plays a lot with my husband and I, and we allow her do things on her own. I always ask her to be around me when I cook, or do any house hold chores. I even make her do stuff herself. We involve her a lot (she’s 4 plus) . God has helped us every step of the way. We ain’t perfect, but I believe, based on the child she is growing up to be, our efforts have not been in vain.
How has having a child changed your life?
LOL! Having a child changes everything! First is the fact that someone is totally dependent on you to feed, to sleep, to poop, to grow, and to do almost everything. It’s no longer business as usual. Being a mother is a beautiful thing. It however requires hard work, dedication, Prayers, and the show of plenty of love. I’m privileged to have another life placed in my care, so I try daily to ensure that my schedule works around my daughter’s life also. Sometimes I feel like I ain’t the best mum around, but many times I know that I am the best mum my daughter could ever have (and her siblings on the way). The grace of God has been overly sufficient, because juggling a family, marriage , business, ministry, and other activities together, and also ensuring that I’m fit and healthy can be a challenge. But having the Holy Spirit teach you all things, as well as direct you, and a loving husband that helps in making the burden really light, makes all the difference in the world. I’m grateful to God for my blessings.
What’s a typical day for you like?
My typical day. Wake up 5/5:30 am. Morning Prayers. Get Marvel ready for school. 7:15am, after School bus leaves, I take my bath or rest a little bit more, depending on how busy my day is. 9am: Attend meetings, run errands and then off to my studio/office. Trainings and Client servicing go on till about 6pm, when I close for the day. This goes on, except Monday’s, which is my day off and my lazy day.
Considering that what I do makes me move around a lot, even at odd times, I really don’t have a regular schedule. Some days I’m out of the house by 5:30/6am. So it gets interesting everyday!
One of the things TTC women, Pregnant women, and New Moms have in common is tending to neglect their looks (due to stress, fatigue, limited time, etc.). How can women facing these limitations still maintain their looks?
It can be a challenge looking good while pregnant, TTC, or as a new mom…especially if you have a trying pregnancy! I have been there. My preggo period was a real challenge, however I realized one day, when my husband made a comment, that I had to put in at least a little effort to still look good and clean.
One evening we were on our way out, and I was of the opinion that it didn’t matter how I looked. “Everyone should understand I am pregnant!!!” I said.  My Hubz said to me “Sweet please, at least put on a little lip gloss and brush your hair”.Hmmm! I realized then that it actually mattered how I looked, especially to my husband. It didn’t take much really, all I did was brush my hair, apply lip gloss and wear a bright colored dress, with some nice spray to go.
  •  Get colorful cute dresses, tops and anything that’ll make you comfortable. 
  • Braid your hair if you can, it’s easier to handle and maintain. 
  • Get your nails done. For me, this makes me happy. At least, my nails look good for at least another 2 weeks
  • You just need a few make up products : Powder,  Eyebrow pencil, Black Eyeliner, Mascara, Lip Gloss, a Bright colored and a Nude Lip Stick. 
  • Attend makeup trainings, personal DIY classes, to learn to apply your makeup. 
  • Surround yourself with music. On your phone , laptops, iPods whatever. Music is sweet food for the soul. It’ll help lift your Spirit, and is also good for the baby, if you are pregnant
  • Surround yourself with positive people
  • Commit yourself to God, and ask the HolySpirit for help every step of the way. 
These helped me and I hope they help you too.
Since the skin is the canvass, let’s start from there. How can women, with limited time, take care of their skin? Are there any products you would readilly recommend?
Our days can get sooo busy , oh yes, so much so that sometimes we skip meals. This isn’t right at all. Our health, as well as our skin, should be given proper attention. First, we must eat well. Fruits and water help me a lot. I feel like my skin is purged whenever I take fruits.
Secondly, exfoliating does wonders to the skin. Whenever I’m stressed , I get rashes on my face and my body (my arms especially). Here is my remedy: apart from taking time out to rest, I scrub like twice a week, morning and night, and believe me, the difference is all so clear.
I’ll share a little beauty secret with you: I mix some milk (liquid milk) with my scrub (any scrub would do), and use this to scrub my body. Apart from the fact that it leaves me with a nice luxurious milky smell, my skin feels so smooth and silky.
For your face, please wipe off makeup every night. Baby wipes are not a bad idea. However, stay away from any one with extracts or perfumes, you never know what your skin may react to.
Another secret: I apply liquid milk all over my face and neck as a mask. I do this after my bath, and then I rinse off. My face afterwards smells nice, and feels smooth afterwards. It also serves as a Moisturizer.
NB: Store milk in fridge and dispose after 3-4days.
Now, to make-up. Could you walk us through easy make-up tips for these women, who don’t have a lot of time to spend in front of the mirror, but still want to look Instagram fabulous?
Eyebrow Tips
Please no tattoo on brows! For me, the eyebrows are the best part of makeup. So please get it right.  Get a good eyebrow pencil, that is not waxy, to fill in your brows.
Eyeshadow Tips
Get a quality eyeshadow primer, this is applied before your eyeshadow. An eyeshadow base would help your shadow stay on all day and also helps the shadow colours pop!
Eyeliner Tips
For easy application of a liquid eyeliner, I’ll advise you purchase one in a marker form. It’s easy to control. Please avoid applying the liquid liner on your lower eye. Eye pencils or gel liners are best for your water line.
Foundation / Powder Tips
Get a foundation your exact shade. Water based. Foundations are best for our ‘wonderful weather’ here in Nigeria. If you have oily skin, cream foundations should be your last resort.
For powders, I’ll advise you get two shades. Your exact shade, and maybe a shade lighter. This would help when the weather changes, as well as your skin colour. You can also mix for best shade.
Contouring and Highlighting Tips
Contours and highlights give your makeup a classy zing, if done properly. Because I’m not a fan of heavy makeup, I achieve this with powders. I use a shade lighter for my highlight, and 2 shades darker for my contours. It gives a subtle effect. Do get the appropriate brushes for highlights and contours.
Lipstick Tips
It is necessary to scrub your lips at least once in two weeks. This gets rid of dry and dead skin. Home made lip scrubs can be used. I have tried granulated sugar mixed with honey, and this works for me. Always use a lip moisturiser before applying lipstick. It prevents the lips from cracking.

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