Make-up or Fake-up



There has been a lot of talk these days amongst friends, in my studio and all over social media about the ‘fakeness’ of make-up. People have criticized, praised and lambasted Makeup Artists for being frauds, ‘decieving’ men especially, like the infamous Fairy godmother – Cinderella style, with their before and After pictures displayed on #transformationtuesdays.

Now comes the question.

Does wearing make-up all the time make you fake?

Make-up is part of fashion and beauty right? So is wearing your heels and putting on a nice piece of earrings.

I believe make-up is meant to enhance and not to totally change the way you look. True there might be some evident changes, I mean if you have to conceal or highlight a certain feature on your face; you are bound to look a little different from your usual self, not completely changed.

I usually say that I believe God personally is happy with make-up. He likes things to be taken care of. Caring about your appearance does not make you fake. So He supports the art because it brings to life the beauty of His creation.

Make-up is good. Make-up is therapeutic, make-up is a like a love portion. Make-up will not make you look fake, if done the right way. Makeup should make you feel comfortable. I have seen women’s frown turn to smiles after sitting in my chair. I have seen depression fly out the window after a make-up session with some of my clients. Yes I have seen husbands gush over their wives like babies over candy, right after a home service makeover session.

So how do you achieve a clean make up without the “fakeness”?

-Apply minimally. Don’t cake up. A little of the right products will do your face right.

-There is no harm in seeking the help of an expert or a consultant to know what products are best for your skin and to know your right shade of powder and foundations.

-Don’t try to look like someon else, when you make up. Concentrate on enhancing your best features. Make-up covers up what needs to be covered and brings out what needs to be brought out.

Make-up shouldn’t be worn because you hate the way you look without it.

It’s okay as long as you know that you are beautiful even when you have no  make-up on. How many people can actually be that affirmative???

It becomes fake if you hide behind make-up, dramatically changing  who you are and the way you look, you cover up yourself, because you feel you aren’t perfect enough. Ecclesiastes 3:11says “He hath made all things beautiful in His time …”


So ladies, it’s ok to have a no make-up day sometimes. Be comfortable and confident with or without make-up. Make-up shouldn’t be what defines you, it should only complete you.


You are You and You are Beautiful!!!

Cheers… Ngozy Atta


Photo credits:

Instagram @jagabeauty



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