Looking Good While TTC


It can be so easy to get carried away whilst on the trying to conceive (TTC) journey, that a woman can forget to look after herself. She pays little or no attention to her physical appearance, which could be like a license for some men to look outside.

I know of a man who told his wife, who had been staying at the hospital with their ailing child, to either go fix her nails and hair or that it would be the last time he would come to the hospital to check up on them.

You can just imagine how that same man would react if his wife was letting herself go, just because they were TTC. No one told her to get her act together. After that threat, every evening her husband came visiting at the hospital, he now met a woman who had put some thoughts into her looks, for his sake, (because really, all she was really interested in was going home with a healthy child).

So, here are some tips for that woman, who has so let herself go that she is not concerned about her hair, her nails still bear the chipped remainders of last month’s visit to the salon, and, if she is a stay-at-home wife, oh dear, everything would be left to go south, under the folds of the all concealing Boubou. It is time to clean up your act, surprise your hubby with a made up face or a nice dress for once. It will make his day, not to talk of your own.

The best part of this whole shenanigan is, it perks up your spirit. It shifts your attention away from your struggle, and you get to actually enjoy it. Red lipstick is one of the best selling cosmetics in the world, it does the job of a pick-me-up like no caffeine would. Try it. Here are some tips to help you:


1. Exercise, if you have not bothered

This serves a dual purpose; it makes you feel good and essentially, you need to be in a good place physically, before you get pregnant, that way, your body is better able to cope with the strains of pregnancy, and you will likely snap back to shape faster after child birth.


2. Add some new things to your wardrobe

African woman holding shopping bags in mid-air

There is nothing like a shopping trip to make you happy. I’m not suggesting you buy a whole new wardrobe, just some new items you can mix and match with what you have already. Whipping out some new items once in a while really feels good. Don’t you think?


3. Have plenty of sex


I’m pretty sure this is something you most likely want to have plenty of, or maybe not (especially if you are sick of all the timed sex). But the reason it is on this list is that it absolutely makes you feel good afterwards and makes you look younger, and which woman does not want to look younger?

And I did not say that off my head, the author of Real Age: Are You As Young As You can Be? Dr Michael Roizen suggested that one of the greatest ways to stay young is to have regular sex. So, what are you waiting for?


4. Get a hobby, be social

If you are TTC and working, or not working, it can be a bit difficult not to dwell on your troubles, so I suggest you get a hobby that keeps you occupied after work, and out of the house. That way, you are tempted to put more effort into your appearance, which is good for you. It would also be great, if it is a hobby you and your husband enjoy.


5. Avoid pity parties

This is a must; you can do without the negative energy there. You need to avoid anything, persons or places that make you feel less of a woman than you are, just because you are TTC. If you can’t avoid it or them, then prim yourself ahead and be prepare to blank out any negativities around you.


It can be draining, but you are stronger than you think and that is why, you need to refuel constantly with the above tips. Looking good feels good!







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