Leave Food First, Let’s Detox


I have been toying with the idea of going on a full detox, as I prepare for the coming Frozen Egg Transfer (FET), and hopefully, pregnancy. During my recent bed rest, I binged and ate to my heart’s fill, and that prompted me to crawl my way back to the gym. However, I am conscious of toxins in the air, my home and environment…some are unavoidable and so, detox is needed as I prepare for the journey.

Do you care to join me? Detoxification is important when you are preparing for pregnancy, because it aids the proper development of your baby. Who knows what chemicals you have been accumulating…from the lipstick you mistakenly ingest while eating, to the fumes from the generator at home, and then the air fresheners, pesticides, tampons, douches, toothpaste, dishwashing liquid, foil paper-wrapped food etc. The list is endless…and no matter how careful we are, we are still likely to ingest and inhale some chemicals.

Now, most of these toxins are stored in our fat cells, liver and kidneys, which go directly to the baby during pregnancy and breastfeeding. And you can’t attempt detox when you are pregnant, or breastfeeding, because the toxins would be passed on directly to the baby through the breast milk or placenta. So the most logical thing to do is to detox prior to pregnancy! If you have done detoxed before, you probably experienced fatigue, headache, loose stool, or an odd feeling, right? This happened to me years ago, when I first attempted detox, so I stayed away for a while after that.

However, a doctor friend of mine told me that those are signs that the detox was actually working, because detox supports liver cleansing, and makes the body work hard, which causes the fatigue, headaches and loose stool. So I advise that you plan ahead, and try to schedule your detox into a free weekend. A three-day detox can do wonders to your system!

To detox, you might need to purchase a detox product…which could herbal or packaged. I am comfortable with a certain brand, but I am sure there are other great products as well. My parents detox regularly, and my mother has used a certain one for years, while my father swears by another. All of these are great efficient detox products, so all you need to is a simple research and choose what works best for you.

Now, the product you use is not going to work off on its own, you have to help achieve the full results, by drinking a lot of water! Drink at least 8 full glasses of water daily, for the entire period and, if you can, add squeezed lemon juice in your glass of water in the mornings…this is great for the liver. Remember you are trying to get rid of toxins, so avoid drinking bottled water, because the plastic passes xenohormones into the water, especially when left in a hot car or under direct sunlight.

You also have to try as much as possible to exercise. The toxins would try to pass out of your body through urine, poop and sweat, so if you are not sweating enough, you are not helping the detox process. Exercise for at least 30 minutes a day and be sure to get your heart pumping, as this would increase circulation and aid the detoxification. I have also noticed that bathing with slightly hot water, or soaking in a hot bath makes me sweat profusely, so if you can stand it…it would be a good idea to run yourself a hot water bath. If your gym or spa offers sauna services, then sign up for one or two. The steam would not only make you sweat out the toxins, but your mind would be so relaxed and you are bound to feel rejuvenated.


Your diet matters as well. You cannot be detoxifying your system and piling up on the wrong food. Eating nourishing food while detoxing is a great way to help your body; so take smoothies, eat greens, snack on fruits, eat fresh food, and stay as organic as possible. Avoid anything that has been in the refrigerator for long, or canned meat and fast food. Say no to white sugar, donuts, burgers, fries and every temptation that might be standing in your way. You also need to put that bedside red wine away and avoid anything alcoholic. The goal is to cleanse, remember? While on the detox, your body is experiencing a lot of metabolism and you are most likely going to feel fatigued, so plan your rest periods. Get ample sleep at night and also sneak in a nap during the day. Sleeping helps the repairing and renewing of cells, so get enough sleep…especially at night.

I look to the wonderful benefits I would get from my detox, I bet you would have testimonies too.

Godspeed to us all.




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  1. I read this article 2 years ago and decided to try the detox using the forever living product clean 9, but then we weren’t planning or thinking of IVF. This year January hubby said let’s go for IVF and i remember you talked about detox and cleaning the system before the embryo transfer and i read other write ups about preparing for IVF and having a positive mind set before the cycle, am happy to tell you at my first cycle we tested positive and we’re expecting triplets by December. Thank you for all your encouragement, support and love, i really appreciate you.


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