Late George Michael Gives Stranger 9000 Pounds For IVF Treatment Anonymously


A fitness instructor, who was given an anonymous donation of £9,000 from George Michael for IVF treatment, travelled 400 miles to lay flowers at the pop star’s home.

Lynette Gillard, 38, and her partner Nathan Hart, 37, drove from their home in Westhoughton, Lancashire, to pay tribute to the Wham! legend in Goring-on-Thames, Oxfordshire, yesterday.

The Wham! star, 53, the money to Ms Gillard through Channel 4 show Deal or No Deal in 2008 after being moved by her baby woes – but asked the show’s bosses to keep his gift anonymous.
It was only eight years later, on BOXING Day, that the 38-year-old learned the identity of her mystery benefactor – the day after the news of his death broke on Christmas Day.

Ms Gillard – who in a bizarre twist of fate has now discovered George was born on the same day as her late mum, June 25 – now plans to give her future baby his name as a middle name and play his music during her labour.

She said: ‘I am just so grateful for what George did. I will never forget it. He has completely changed our lives, and laying the flowers was a really sad day.
‘I lost my mum in April 2014 and I miss her dearly. On Saturday I found out George was born on the same day as her – June 25. It gave me goosebumps and brought tears to my eyes.

‘I have had so many failed rounds of IVF. It is an emotional rollercoaster, getting your hopes up each time. When it didn’t work I was getting so upset and I knew something was wrong.

‘I was told I needed special blood tests to check my immune system to find out why it kept failing but I never would have been able to afford them without George.

‘Now thanks to him I have these tests and next time the doctors are going to put me on steroids when the embryo is implanted. He’s given us hope.

‘We definitely want to include George’s name as a middle name when we have a baby and we’ll be playing his music while I’m in labour.

‘To do something so generous for strangers on TV – I just can’t believe it. I wake up every day and think I’m in a dream.

‘I was lost for words when we heard there’d been a donation eight years ago and I am still lost for words now.

‘It is so strange, I’ve always enjoyed his music and we spent all evening dancing to George’s music after the tragic news broke about his death on Christmas day.

‘But since I found out he made the donation, I can’t stop listening to it. Every time I see his picture on TV I wonder if he ever thought about us and if he wondered whether I had a baby yet.’

Ms Gillard first started IVF in 2005 with her ex-partner. The couple sacrificed holidays and nights out and Lynette even sold her car to raise £15,000 for five rounds of IVF over three years, but each one failed.

Desperate to start a family, her partner at the time went on Deal or No Deal but narrowly missed out on a £250,000 win – walking away with £3,000.

The day after the show aired, Ms Gillard received a PHONE call to say an anonymous donation £9,000 had come in from a stranger touched by the couple’s plight.

With the cash from the stranger, now known to be Michael, she was able to undergo a series of blood tests which cost £2,500 each to find out why her IVF kept failing.

She discovered her immune system had been attacking the implanted embryos but as this can be treated with steroids she is keen to revive her fight to start a family with new partner Mr Hart – and said the couple will be eternally grateful for Michael’s generosity.
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