Ivana’s Diary 9- Room-mates Or A Couple?


Dear Diary,

What is it with this Amaka? Can anyone be this fake? She wakes up at four am! Yes, you heard me, 4am! And what does she do at that time?

She washes the back of the pots, she cleans the kitchen and mops the entire house! Did someone jilt this girl? I mean, did someone break her heart? Why is she trying too hard? All my mother in-law’s sons are married, what does she really want?

So, here goes my encounter with the little witch! Yes, I called her witch and I called her little too because I am a bigger witch than she is.

Just last night, I was having a headache and I left my room and headed to the kitchen for a cold glass of milk. I reached the kitchen, only to see her cleaning the oven.

“Good morning…” I said breezily.

“Is it morning? It’s one am in the night.” She said to me with a fake laugh. I wanted to punch her real hard.

“Yea it is…and you’re awake, do you have some sort of sleeping problems?” I asked her.

“Me? Hahaha….you’re the one who obviously has trouble sleeping, you just reached for the pack of milk.” She said with a sly smile.

“Hmmm….” I murmur. “Tell me, Amanda….or is it Amuke….I can’t seem to remember your name…” I smile at her.

“Amaka…..Chiamaka, which means my God is good. I thought you’d grasp Igbo names pretty easily seeing that you are marrying an Igbo man. Tell me Ivana, would you forget your children’s names? I mean, if your first child is err…Ebubechukwu…would you find it so hard to pronounce or remember?”

I had already reddened to the roots of my hair but ‘two can play this game’ I thought.

“You seem to take particular interest in my marriage, I’m beginning to wonder if you have a life.” I smiled at her, raising my glass of milk to her as though in a toast and drinking slyly.

“Yes I am actually very interested….seeing that I spoke to Nnamdi today and he raised some concerns about your marriage to me.”

I almost choked on the milk and spluttered it on the kitchen floor. ‘What? Nnamdi did what? No! He didn’t!’

“What exactly did he say?” I asked, trying hard to mask my shock.

“He’s your husband, why don’t you find out what he told me, yourself. Goodnight Ivana and please mop up that milk you spilled on the floor, I actually cleaned this kitchen this night..” She said and left the kitchen.

I tightened my fingers round my glass and breathed deeply and exhaled, I wasn’t letting her get to me, I said to myself. Soon, I tossed my glass into the sink, I didn’t bother to rinse it off or even clean up the drops of milk on the ground and rushed off to my room.

As soon as I slammed my door behind me, I marched to my laptop, turned it on and found Skype.

“Hey babe…” Nnamdi greeted me from his side.

The look on my face could freeze ice. :growlmad:

“What happened? You look mad! Don’t tell me you got into a fight with my mother!”

“No, I didn’t but you are in soup! What did you tell Amaka about our marriage? Did you speak to her today?” I shouted.

“Calm down…what is the problem?” He asked.

‘The problem is that your silly ex-girlfriend hasn’t gotten over you! She is actually in this house, lobbying for the position of second wife!”

“You know that’s not possible.” He cooed. “One woman is enough for me.”

“That’s not the point! What did you tell her concerning our marriage?”

Nnamdi stared at me through the screen, he looked guilty, like a cat whose hand was caught in a fish bowl.

“I told her ….I mean…she raised the discussion about kids and I told her that …”

“That what Nnamdi?” I bark.

“That….errr….you don’t act as though you want them. I am sorry baby, but it’s how I feel.” He said to me.

“How you feel? You couldn’t tell me how you felt but that….that other woman? What are we to each other? Room mates or a couple?” I cried. The fact that he told her what he’d never told me really hurts.

“We are growing apart and it’s not just because the kids aren’t here yet but…I feel as though there’s something…driving us apart. I wanted to suggest counselling but I thought against it…”

“You had all these thoughts in your mind and couldn’t tell me?” I scream.

“You were always far away….it was as though you wanted me gone! You didn’t want us to be close and I gave you the distance you needed.”

It was at the tip of my tongue to say, ‘I love you Nnamdi but you are lousy at sex and I’d like to enjoy sex in my marriage’ but words failed me. I let tears pour down my eyes as I ended the Skype call.




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  1. There’s a way around these things. The internet is one huge place where you can get loads of advise. You really should have told him sex is wack and you guys can work things out from there. Just hope this Amaka chic will jejely leave the picture soon

  2. Ivanna darling it’s obvious u love ur husband very much, why don’t u sit him down and talk about this sex issue. Tell him what u want and I’m sure he will meet u half way, teach him u guys are suppose to be partner. Stop playing chess game with your marriage. Don’t be stupid please


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