Is A Cleanse Before Trying To Conceive Important?


There was a popular food vendor in my school back then, she was fondly referred to as “Aunty My Dear” because she called every one, “My dear.” She would call your name and finish off with “My dear.”

For her friendliness and the fact that her food tastes nice, most students gravitated towards her shop but not Naomi, who even back then was something of a health freak. Everything she put in her mouth was suspect. She spent many class breaks eating Fanta and Gala while reading a book.

And when she bothered to go the shops where foods are sold with you, you would wish, she had stayed back, because by the time, she was done with analysing what you are about to eat; from the likely source of the water used to prepare the food to the presentation of the food, you would be convinced, what you are about to put in your mouth is poison.

So, I wasn’t surprised years back, when her social media timelines started to take on the shape of a health/fitness enthusiast. It was like a homecoming. It was something she was really good at, so why not go with the flow. She liked clean eating and finally, she’s turning it into a healthy hustle, besides her shirt and tie workload.

Apart from sharing tips, she had loads of recipes for smoothies. She was always playing around with those, trying out new fruits and tastes. She was also sharing what she ate and of course, the results.

There was a time; Naomi said she was doing an only fruit detox, for seven whole days, so she only ate fruits, in whole form, juice form or smoothie form.

After four days of consistently posting updates, I slid into her inbox and chat her up about what prompted the detox and wondered if four days was not too much to be on a fruit detox.  Truthfully, I was looking for a health story, I could share but I got more.

Apparently, Naomi wasn’t just detoxifying for detoxifying sake, my friend is trying for a second baby and she was trying to prepare her body for conception. The first time, pregnancy had happened to her, as she conceived her first child on her honeymoon but after four years, she was ready to try again and this time, she intended to call the shots, especially as she didn’t have that kind of control, where her first pregnancy was concerned.

Even though, I liked her proactive approach, I could help but point out her assumption that she would naturally fall pregnant when she wanted. Her answer; “Babes, no worry, I’m ready now and I will get pregnant within three months.”

With that kind of declaration, I aligned myself with her faith and we are still standing on His Word, which says, “Declare a thing and it shall come to pass.” We await manifestation.

Meanwhile, Naomi finished her detox and has tried some other days of detoxifying or eating clean.

Naomi is not the only lady, I know, who while trying to conceive did some detoxifying.  It truly helps with ridding the body of toxins that may otherwise interfere with the conception process but is it really that important? I mean, there are women, who don’t even know what detox means and they conceive mindlessly and I don’t mean that in a disparaging way, anyways if I did, I will fall into that category.

But here’s the point, most ladies that I know cleanse before trying for a baby are going for assisted conception, hence, the need to try all that’s possible to achieve conception and if cleansing helps, then by all means, they were going to cleanse.

The idea of a cleanse is good for any woman planning to conceive. Especially, if you have the time to plan for it, why not rid your body of the toxins that are trapped inside of you before the baby sets up shop for the next nine months?

Toxins can include certain plasticizers — such as those used in the manufacturing of plastic products, concrete, cement and PCBs, like those used in pesticides, commercial flame retardants (often used on furniture and carpet), adhesives, paints, and insulation. Not to mention the heavy metals, like mercury and lead, that are found to some degree in many people.

These toxins often house themselves in humans and build up a strong hold over time. And not only can they hinder the chances of conception, but they can also find their way through the umbilical cord to an unborn child and possibly harm the baby. That sounds alarming right, perhaps, however, there are some studies, which has shown that babies’ exposure to toxins begin from the womb.

So, if you’re ever at that juncture, where, you are planning to get pregnant, that’s a hint, you are worried about your fertility issues or you just want to up the chances of conception, whatever be the case, a cleanse could help.

Plain and simple, a cleanse puts your body in peak condition for healthy fertilization. And according to the experts, the benefits of a cleanse go beyond conception. It’s believed that many of these toxins contribute to the unpleasant side effects of pregnancy: nausea, heartburn, constipation, mood swings, and low energy. Do you need any more incentive?

And while doing a cleanse is especially beneficial for women with fertility problems, that’s not to say that any woman wouldn’t benefit from detoxifying her body before a pregnancy, especially for the sake of her baby’s health.

For the TTC mama, another incentive to try cleansing is, it helps to pass the preconception time.

It sure looks good, doesn’t it? And it certainly wouldn’t hurt you.

Feel free to try it and let’s know how it goes.

Baby dust and sticky wishes.




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