Irregular Menstruation (Oligomenorrhea, Ase tin se segesege)



Irregular menstruation occurs when the time between each of your period starts to change; there is excess or little blood during period than usual or the number of days for your period changes.
The accepted menstrual period cycle is between the ranges of 23-36 days. And a period lasts between 2-8 days. Some women experience their own menstrual cycle twice in a month and some every two or more month. Irregular period is therefore what is irregular specifically for you during your period.
Symptoms of irregular period (menstruation)
– Heavy menstrual bleeding
– Prolonged menstrual bleeding
– Light menstrual bleeding
– Irregular menstrual bleeding
– Absent menstrual bleeding
– Infertility
– Breast tenderness
– Excessive or unwanted hair (Hirsutism) in women
– Abdominal bloating
– Acne
Causes of irregular period (menstruation)
Natural Causes
– Pregnancy
– Menopause
– Breast feeding
– Ongoing illness
Pathological Causes
– Dysfunctional uterine bleeding (DUB)
– Hypothyroidism
– Grave’s disease
– Poor diet
– Excessive exercise
– Obesity
– Extreme stress
– Endometriosis
– Hyperthyroidism
– Hashimoto’s disease
– Ovarian cyst
– Von Willebrand disease
– Ovarian failure
– Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS)
– Ovarian cancer
– Endometrial cancer
– Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID)
– Gigantism
– Low body weight
– Stopping birth control pills
– Food allergies and sensitivities
– Uterine fibroid
– Having an intrauterine device (IUD)
– Thickening of or polyps in the uterine lining.

Medical treatment of irregular period (menstruation)
Doctors usually prescribe hormonal contraception drugs to manage this condition. Pills (like Diane / brenda/Juliet) that contain small amount of anti-androgens are prescribed. Progesterone is also prescribed to stimulate the uterus and induce bleeding. Hormonal implants are also used. Vaginal contraceptive rings and intra-uterine devices containing progesterone are also used by doctors to manage this condition.
The problems with this medical modality
Most women that experience irregular period (Menstruation) have the intention of giving birth to their own children. These medications disrupt their hormonal balance; affect the function of ovaries and hinder ovulation from taking place.
Their non-reproductive side/adverse effects include mood changes, bloating, breast tenderness, irregular bleeding, high blood pressure, weight gain, weight loss, high glucose levels (diabetes onset), nausea, vomiting, and loss of appetite.
Irregular period (menstruation) and Yorubic Medicine.
Yorubic Medicine views all menstrual disorders including irregular period (menstrual) as a systemic problem and that the root cause must be uprooted with the right Yorubic Medicine herbal formulations.

At Bioceutic Herbal Enterprise, as the CEO and a foremost expert/consultant in Yorubic Medicine, I possess over two hundred and twenty-two (222) Yorubic Medicine herbal formulations to treat irregular period (menstruation) successfully.
My Yorubic Medicine treatment plan for irregular period (menstruation) includes the following.
– Fertility cleansing
(a) Total body cleansing
(b) Womb cleansing
– Menstruation regulation Yorubic medicine formulations
– Fertility boosting Yorubic Medicine formulations
– Ovulation boosting Yorubic Medicine formulations.


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