Ipheoma’s Surrogacy Diary 6: Watching The Clock



I woke up this morning with minor backaches, that soon escalated and got me taking aspirin I got from the hospital for relief. I initially thought it was as a result of my sedentary lifestyle, these past few days until I saw the ticker Nicole did for me. Apparently at 8 DPO and 5 days to testing, mild backaches were the symptoms to watch out for. I am already getting tired of being confined to my bed (insert sad face emoticon)! Initially, it felt like a mini-holiday, but now, I feel like an invalid. And of course, there is DH who doesn’t understand that I can still be on bed rest on the sitting room couch; he says it is called bed rest, not couch rest for a reason. Well, today I spent my bed rest in the guest room…something about my own room got me feeling bored, and I needed new space. Luckily, the bed rest ends tomorrow. From tomorrow, I can move around and do one or two extra things; even though grocery shopping and lifting bags or anything heavier than 10kg is still out. I definitely have no serious weekend plans, except to go to church on Sunday and maybe take an evening walk on Saturday. Even though I am bored out of my mind and won’t mind going to the movies, I am terrified of someone bumping into me and shaking up my baby box…so that’s ruled out for now.

Guys, my aunt didn’t listen to me oh! She still called me today; albeit stylishly. She and my mother attended afternoon mass and mom called me afterwards, to say they were heading to the Blessed Sacrament and asked if I had any prayer intentions. Then she gave the phone to Aunty Oby whose first words to me were my darling, I miss you oh. This one you have ban me from calling you…na wa oh Of course, I ended up laughing and we talked for a bit, before they went into the sanctuary for prayers. I have lifted up the ban I placed oh, but I explained to her that I was very serious about this surrogacy, and she didn’t need to remind me of every tiny detail, because it was sure to get me tensed up. So I guess I should look forward to her ‘twice a day’ call henceforth. I can deal with that though. The most beautiful thing about this surrogacy journey is how close it has brought my aunt and I. She has always been a sweetheart, but the busyness of life never allowed me or my siblings enjoy her company closely. Plus the fact that we didn’t want to constantly remind her of her TTC state, while her sister had grown kids already.

I remember when we were younger and paid her a visit one time, she and my mum got so lost in their gist that my sisters and I were wondering why we even tagged along. She looked up and noticed our bored expressions and said to my mom shey if I had my own kids now, all of them would have been playing together. Now, your kids are bored in my house because there are no children around to keep them company. Then, one long vacation that my mother had us rotating from one aunt’s house to another uncle’s house, but never added Aunty Oby’s house to the list, she was hurt and asked my mom if it was because she didn’t have children yet that my mom was keeping us away from her. We never knew how to get around this for a long time; if we went, we were sure to remind her by our presence that she had no children. If we didn’t go, it came across as though we were sidelining her because she had no kids we could play and gist with in her house.

:angel: I hope everything goes well, so I, my sisters and other cousins can finally troop to her house and play with her little ones.

I wonder women in this two weeks wait resist the temptation to test themselves. Like, it’s driving me nuts! Sitting in bed and wondering how the embryos are doing. I noticed light spotting today, I called the hospital and the nurse said it was okay to light spot, and I had this badass craving to ask hubby to buy me a test kit on his way home from work. I can’t wait to know!! I eventually decided against it though; because I am sure the doctors know why they insist on the wait. There might be delayed implantation, and that would drive me nuts, because I would keep wondering why they are yet to stick. So I better wait…only a few days now, only a few days.

Guys, I can’t wait. I am so impatient and I am seriously watching the clock, praying and hoping to fly past quickly so I can get tested.

But I would wait.

Waiting is part of the process, right?

So cheers to a waiting weekend for me. I hope you have a blissful weekend :icecream:   :wine:

Take care darlings :friends:



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  1. Really looking forward to the good news. The kind of victory dance I will do no go get part 2! Thursday is almost here so keep calm and stay on bed rest!



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