Ipheoma’s Surrogacy Diary 2: Transfer Tick Tock


I started taking pineapple core today. It contains bromelain, which is great for implantation. So, even though I am on prescriptions, I won’t be joking with the pineapple core for the next few days, until some days after the transfer. I wasn’t sure if eating the entire pineapple was going to affect the bromelain, so I cut it open and ate just the core. It wasn’t exactly tasty, and as I watched my husband and daughter chew on the juicy fruit, I remembered again the joy that laid ahead. I immediately imagined going to visit my aunt sometime in the future, and she would have her table filled with children; just as the bible says. I could picture her laughing as she served meals to children she had lost all hope of having. While I was daydreaming, I managed to finish the little pieces of pineapple core on my plate.

So I called one of my close friends today, to bring her up to speed about what I was starting on; and I didn’t get the support I was expecting. Bummer!! But she didn’t exactly like the idea of carrying another woman’s baby…didn’t matter that ‘another woman’ was my aunt. She argued that I was going to get too attached to the baby; knowing how emotional and soft-hearted I can be. Do you think you would carry a baby in your stomach for nine good months, and suffer everything that comes with it, and then just hand over the baby like that? She asked. I tried explaining that I was only a carrier, the baby doesn’t belong to me, and how I would be grateful to see the child often. The baby would definitely be my favorite cousin in the world; I told her. By the time we ended the phone call, I was happy I didn’t tell we were having three embryos transferred. If she was already freaking out over the thought of my carrying one child, I wonder what she would think if I had said three!

My aunty called me today as well. I can tell she holds herself back from calling me every second! You are taking the drugs well, right? she asked in our native language and I replied in the affirmative. She told me she was going for vigil tonight to pray for a successful transfer and implantation. Nicole had recently given me prep up on what to expect at the transfer, so I told aunty not to get too worked up, that I heard it was a simple procedure, only that I would need to go in with a full bladder. When I am pressed I hold my urine these days as practice; I told her. Her laughter rang in my ears and I was filled with so much joy and fear. Joy that she was happy, and fear that it could get cut. I quickly dispelled that thought and continued my conversation with her. She was also going to embark on a fast for the next few days leading to the transfer. I jokingly asked if I should join and she screamed No oh! Please be eating and taking your drugs. The rest of us would do the fasting and prayers. 

So I am basically getting ready for the big day. After yesterday’s post, I got a lot of encouraging messages and inspiring words from  The Fertile Chick family. I truly appreciate your prayers and encouragement. This weekend is going to be real busy, because I have a lot of preparing to do before hand. I need to go grocery shopping, run some errands and do laundry, because I anticipate being asked to stay on bed rest for a few days after the transfer. So I by the time I update the dairy on Monday, I would have less than 24 hours to the transfer. I can’t wait! I hope it all goes well. Barak De Sallah everyone!! Have a fabulous weekend!!



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  1. @ipheoma , reading your surrogacy diary literally made me break down and cry both times!!! So so emotional. Wowwwwww , this is one of the most selfless acts i have ever seen. God bless you for doing this. I am stunned. God bless your darling husband and your family. This is such a big deal.
    May God give you that BFP and make your aunt’s dream of carrying her gorgeous babies come through.
    Lots and lots of hugs dearie.

  2. Awwww Isi! You guys don’t know how much these beautiful words mean to me everytime. Thank you darling, and amen to your prayers; I really pray we get that :BFP: I can’t wait to give you guys good news @mimibabe :hugs:



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