Ipheoma’s Surrogacy Diary 10: That Witch Showed Up



So this last weekend was busy! Like very busy. It was my God-son’s church dedication on Sunday, so on Saturday, I and some friends went shopping, in an attempt to buy something worthy of the occasion. After touring Palms Mall for over an hour, price tags and product dissatisfaction made us drive to Balogun market. I was yet to find what I wanted; but the problem was, I didn’t know what I wanted. Nothing seemed good enough to wear for my God-son’s Big day…and my three friends were having the same exact problem. Plus the annoying fact that we didn’t have any particular plan in mind; we just assumed that when we saw what we wanted, we would recognize it. So off to Balogun we went, and spent another three hours moving around the entire market. All of a sudden Ada remembered she needed to buy coral beads for her niece who was in drama society at school, and Queen remembered that her sister had always wanted her to buy a mini-traveling bag for her. Na so we leave the matter wey carry us come market, start to do another round of shopping.

I learnt that day, never to shop with friends…especially at Balogun! My friend who is the mother of my Godson went to the ATM three times, because she kept changing her mind after each purchase! It was exhausting, but in the end, we all got what we wanted. Only for me to get home and the gown I bought wasn’t my size. We were all a hurry by the time I saw the perfect gown, and I had no spare time to test the dress. I was so angry that night, as I went through my stuff and finally settled for an oleku and gele. Sunday came and my Jay went to church! The reception was however another issue. You know how it is when you go to a close friend’s party…you just can’t sit down, eat, drink and go. With so many guests arriving, I changed into something casual and went around distributing food and hosting those who came to celebrate with my God-son. Getting home with sore feet and a terrible backache, I did a little work before slumping into bed. Too tired to even think about my surrogacy journey and test today.

When I woke up this morning, I had started bleeding. Yes, the witch decided to show up, on the morning of my confirmatory test! How deflating that was. I called my aunt and gave her the 411, telling her not to bother joining me at the hospital. She sounded like she had half-hoped for a BFP today, or maybe she was just sounding down, as a result of the usual Monday stress of meetings and deadlines. I arrived at the hospital a bit late for my appointment, as I really felt damp this morning. Like, what was the need to rush? The doctor still insisted on conducting the pregnancy test, so I went in for the blood work and when the results came out.it was still a BFN. So she did a trans-vaginal scan and then said, Not to worry, we are going to start you on Buserelin and E2V today, and prepare a calendar for the next transfer. I was given the required injections and drugs, and told to come back next Monday when my calendar would be ready.

When I got home, I was so confused. One part of me was okay with having the transfer scheduled as soon as possible, another part of me wondered if it wasn’t too soon. I questioned whether I needed a break or whether I was ready to try again. In the end, I decided it was better we tried again as soon as we can. If I decide to take a break, it’s tantamount to keep my aunt on a dangling rope; she would be so worried that I could change my mind about the surrogacy journey at any minute. My phone rang as I was deep in thought and it was aunty Oby. I gave her an update on what happened at the hospital, and asked her if she was okay with us getting ready for another transfer, or if she wanted to wait a few more cycles. Her reaction was hilarious! She said No oh, wait ke? Next thing now, your husband would impregnate you and that would be another issue. Let’s try as soon as we can, so we know what we are doing biko.

So I guess, we are trying again. As soon as I post this, I would go take my Buserelin shot…can’t believe I am back to self-injecting and carrying my medicine bag wherever I go. This should be fun!!


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  1. Ipheoma your story is exactly like mine ,though not am not a surrogate. Few days to my second PT the witch like you called it showed up. I couldn’t explain how I felt that day.Anyways I pray the Almighty God give you and your aunty a pleasant surprise this time around. All the best.



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