Ipheoma’s Surrogacy Diary 15: Something to look forward to



Ah! My weekend…Saturday was basically filled with chores and then some more chores! I woke that morning, went to the gym for aerobics and even managed to play table tennis before heading home with DH. I checked my weight at the gym that Saturday and guess what… 2kg lost!! Yippie! I was over the moon as we jogged back home! Finally losing some of the weight I put on during my bed rest. The rest of the day was filled with laundry and clean up. The chores I usually spread between Saturdays and Sundays were compressed into one day. When I got to the market in the evening for grocery shopping, I was already tired and not even in the mood to beat down prices. Just as I was buying vegetables, I heard someone call my name. I turned in the direction of the voice and found Shola smiling at me, she was standing in front of a meat stead close by. I smiled and waved at my old neighbor and continued making my purchase. I had a good mind to buy the vegetables and disappear sharply before she was done buying meat.

Failed! My vegetables were still being wrapped when I felt her presence beside me. Ha! Ify! Long time oh. You guys just moved out of the area and never dropped by to greet any of your former neighbors! I smiled and told her how I hardly ever came around that part of town and she started complaining about seeing my mom  on many occasions drive past our old house and never stopping to say hi. I just smiled and asked her what she was doing in this part of town and she said she just got married and moved in some close with her husband. Just then, her eyes caught my wedding band and she exclaimed So you are married too! Wow! Congratulations. Hmmmn…I never pegged you as someone who would marry early oh..All you feminist people! Kai! This was why I was actually avoiding her in the first instance! Shola was just the kind of person who looked for every reason to get on your very last nerve! On a good day, I would have had a good comeback for her, but I was exhausted, just wanted to finish my shopping and go home.

After enduring more jabs from Shola, I made it home in one piece. Sunday was the anniversary of our court wedding and although I wanted to spend some alone time with DH to celebrate, we ended up spending the day at Egbeda at his cousin’s child dedication ceremony. Lots of family and friends turned up…so I got my filled of party jollof rice, probably gained 6kg at one sitting and enjoyed being in good company. It’s been two years of marriage, and I don’t even know if that’s long enough to celebrate. I feel like it’s milestones like ten years, twenty years and beyond that deserve serious celebration. I know people that have been dating for more than two years, and considering the fact that DH and I didn’t have a long courtship period, it probably feels like a dating anniversary than a wedding anniversary.

So that’s the weekend update…back to the surrogacy matter! I had my hospital appointment today and after the scan, I was giving more meds to take and informed that the Frozen Embryos were going to be transferred next Friday, 30th October. Now, that’s something to look forward to! I asked the doctor if I could do a detox this week and she cleared me for that! All through last week, I was itching to go on a detox and thankfully, I can now. I would start a three day detox and would be posting pictures in our weight loss group. This however is not for the sole purpose of losing weight, but actually to cleanse my system and get ready for next week’s surrogacy transfer. Although, I would be happy to see the added advantage of my weight loss.

I am looking forward to tomorrow’s smoothie. I am thinking of having something green! Who cares to join me?


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