Ipheoma’s Surrogacy Diary 11: Putting In Work



So today, after school drop-off, I found my way to the gym and was pleasantly received by my trainer. This time, I went hard! Ahmed, my trainer at the gym confessed that he thought I was pregnant, judging by the way I acted last week and he was confused at how hard I trained today. I simply told him that I wasn’t feeling too good last week, but I was back on track now. Tuesday is officially Leg Day at the gym and by the time, I got home I was sure I wasn’t going to get out of my bed. I was so sore!! But, I was fulfilled by the work I had put in and I think my major motivation was the fact that I know I would soon be pregnant, by God’s grace, and I might not get enough workout then. Hopefully, in the next few weeks, I would be able to lose some good weight, so I can still look reasonably fit when I am pregnant.

Kai, but this surrogacy journey have spoilt some of my plans though. One of my good friends who got engaged in August just told me she would be having her weddings in April next year at Port Harcourt. She wanted me to be her Chief bridesmaid. I stammered for some seconds as I did a quick calculation in my head. I have not told her anything about my surrogacy journey yet, and if the next transfer pulls through, I would be heavily pregnant by April. With no way around it, I said ha, are you sure it is safe to use a married woman for your Chief bridesmaid? Why not use someone single that controls her own time, than someone like me that my husband can wake up and say I am not going for the wedding? She sounded a bit down as she replied you know I have always said you would be my maid of honor, we have similar body types, and same complexion. I quickly suggested like three suitable candidates for her to consider, even as I thanked her for bestowing me with such honor. Then she asked but you would be on my train, right? To which I replied Most probably, depends on what the bridesmaids are wearing, I might not like the style and choose to go with asoebi instead.

As she replied and gushed about the style she had in mind, promising to send me the picture, I knew I must find something wrong with the style or color, so I can get the asoebi lace instead. Surely, I can’t be on her train with a big belly. But I would have loved to be her maid of honour…I really would. When my elder sister called me this evening and I told her about my conversation with my friend, and she said I should not have turned it down so fast. She believes I should have waited first, get the transfer done, confirm the pregnancy, before turning it down. What if, God forbid, the transfer doesn’t result in a pregnancy, what would now happen? Chioma would have already asked someone else to be her CBM and you can’t take it back. You should have just waited. I thought of calling Chioma back to accept the request, but on second thoughts, that would conflict with my faith in the success of the coming FET. In the end, as long as I find my way to Port Harcourt for her wedding, all should be well.

Moving forward, I have been toiling with the idea of going on a three day detox. I want to cleanse my system ahead of the next cycle, but I am not sure when to start. I want to start now, but I am scared I would have gotten more toxins in my system by the time the transfer is close. But I wonder if it would be safe to do a detox close to the transfer. Still confused about that, so I would have to ask at the hospital when I go for my appointment next week. Right now, I am focused solely on doing my best for the next transfer to work. I take my medications on time, and follow instructions on the Buserelin injections. I don’t know what else to do asides the shots, drugs and coming detox.

I am willing to put in the work…I don’t get another chance to do this.

Off to go take my shot for the night!

Goodnight sisters…


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