Ipheoma’s Surrogacy Diary 17: One Bad Day



I woke up this morning, went out for the regular school run and when I got back home, I had green tea for breakfast. Frankly, if anyone had told me this time last year that I would take two hot cups of green tea happily, I would have laughed so hard in the person’s face! I like my beverage rich…filled with milk and honey like the promised land. And here am I, starting an addiction with green tea and peppermint tea, with no milk or sugar, just honey! I guess that’s what TTC can do to you…you find yourself making lifestyle changes without blinking an eye, as long as it gets you the results you want! I have decided that even after I complete my three day detox, I am going to continue with the tea. The benefits are Amaze-Balls!

Afterwards, I made a smoothie with the same fruits I used yesterday because I couldn’t find the ones I needed for a pinkish smoothie, I guess I would have to go on a proper search by tomorrow. You know, I have been meaning to leave my house and get a breathe of fresh air since my last surrogacy FET failed, and today seemed like such a good day…with the sun out in all it’s glory! So I packed my bag, with my smoothie cup of course and carried myself to the beach. At the beach, I met an amazing woman who is also trying to conceive and she shared a story so touching with me, that I have to do it into an article and post tomorrow. We are all united by one common goal…getting a baby, but our stories are individual and unique and I hope we always remember just how special and unique we are, despite statistics trying to group us all together into a number.

My beach trip was interrupted when I remembered that I forgot to take my drugs this morning! I have a routine of taking the meds in the mornings and then shots at night, and for some reason, I missed this morning’s schedule so I grabbed my things and ran back home! Now, I am fretting. At the hospital, they tell you to choose a particular hour that is convenient for you and to ensure that you take your meds and shots at the same hour every day. I really hope I have not jeopardized everything! I almost called my aunt to tell her, but I stopped myself, because now that Aunty Oby has entered Prep mode, anything unusual can get her worried and panicky. Although, I didn’t plan to attend Mid-week service today, the fact that I forgot to take my meds in the morning had me rushing to go pray in church.

For some reason, having a date to look forward is getting my nerves racing again! Through out service this evening, I just kept praying Lord, let this surrogacy transfer work this time. Make it happen Lord, make it happen. I thought I was going to be calm and positive through this cycle, but right now, it doesn’t look like it. Or maybe it’s too early to judge, because I was pretty positive until I missed my schedule this morning…so I would count it as one bad day and keep moving forward.

The detox continues, I hope I find the fruits I need tomorrow so I can have something pink 😉

Goodnight sisters!


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