Ipheoma’s Surrogacy Diary 5: On Bed Rest



I am munching some delicious toast bread and sipping on orang juice as I type! Oh yes! This feels like a mini vacation in my room. Like, I have only gotten out of bed to get my daughter ready for school yesterday and then, to have my bath. I think I can get used to this! I haven’t even checked social media or BBM, I have just been resting all day! How cool is that? Yeah, I know I am on some awesome baby making assignment so trust me to take my meds, chew my pineapple cores and insert my progesterone per vagina. Speaking of pineapples, that thing just turned into scarce commodity now that I need it! I have exhausted the ones I bought over the weekend and begged DH to get me some on his way home from work yesterday, and dude came back complaining about driving not finding any in all the fruit shops he went to. He eventually had to drive to Mile 12 market to buy, and when he found, he bought like a basket full! I am so sure most of those pineapples would waste, because I don’t see myself eating all of it. When I complained that it was too much, he went like shey you wanted pineapples, take pineapples so you don’t send me on errands again after work. Kpele oh, DH.

Right now, I am scared of putting on weight, because if I continue at the rate I went on yesterday and today; I am going to have extra five pounds by next week. I am so optimistic about this surrogacy journey. I think I even dreamt of the babies yesterday, and I have also started making plans to sew some correct ankara maternity wears when the time comes. I think Oluwakemi’s article yesterday was just for me, and I go by her stages; I am at the I have done my part stage. I have read and heard ceaselessly about the need for women to stay calm while on the wait; luckily, in my case, I have my aunt and mother doing the worrying for me. Although, I have told aunty not to call me with her worries, and instead take the matter to God or her sister’s consoling arms. I am wary of her tension rubbing off on me. I gave her this warning late last night when she called me to remind me not to have sex with DH. Like seriously? How was I going to dare open legs when I saw those fragile embies being transferred? They looked so fragile that, I move with utmost caution because I believe any slight move can just displace our precious embryos.

Like Kemi said, it is no longer my business; I have done my part and still doing my part by taking my meds, and it’s up to Him what kind of Big Fat we get. Of course, I want a BFP and I cast and bind any N attached to our BIG FAT but I don’t want to worry too much. I just want to sleep as much as I can, watch all these new series that are showing on TV! The season Two of Empire and Season Five of Scandal just started guys!! I recently downloaded an app on iOS called Godfessions that has daily biblical confessions for Christians and it has helped me greatly in the past few days. You know, sometimes you want to pray but you don’t know the right words to use, or even the scriptural backings to pray on, so I am glad I have that app now because I need my faith built up, now more than ever. I do not have room to entertain negative thoughts at all.

I told my sister-in-law about the surrogacy journey today. I didn’t want her to be surprised when we all meet in the village for Christmas, because I am assuming I might have a small bump by then…or maybe, I would continue eating like a grub and end up being very BIG! Her first reaction was so what did your husband say? He agreed? When I told her that he agreed and had even been supportive, reminding me to take my meds and all, she was like so shocked, and then she said hmmmn, I never knew my brother could agree to that kind of thing oh. Your body would change so much and yet, it’s not for his own child. At that moment, I realized that my husband had actually made a huge sacrifice for my aunt. It is one thing watching your wife swell with a huge nose, waddling around the house and gaining stretch lines, when you know its your baby that is the cause; but watching all those changes happen and its not for your benefit is quite THE Sacrifice.

And the truth is, if he had said no; there is no way I would have been able to go on this surrogacy journey. I wonder what I can say or do in appreciation. I am still thinking; but I hope I can come up with a good idea to say thank you to him for the sacrifice made. I hope I can curb my cravings so I don’t put on too much weight though. God help me.


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  1. I’m fairly certain if some people know about this journey, they will be all like, “they have jazz that man o, how can he agree to such a thing?” But the ways of God is not the way of men. Thank God, your DH allowed God to use him.



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