Ipheoma”s Surrogacy Diary 14: Learning From Cartoons



This morning, I was able to go to the gym after school drop off. My sore legs were finally feeling much better, so I submitted myself to fitness. When I got home, I felt very constricted and unmotivated so I went to UNILAG’s lagoon front, and pretty much spent my day there; reading a book by John Maxwell and getting some work done. I have decided that with this surrogacy cycle, there is no room for negativity in my mind, and I am doing all I can to fill my mind up with positive thoughts, reading good books and meditating on God’s word. Today, I started this practice of having stick-up notes of scripture all over the mirror in my room. The trick is, whenever I am staring at myself in the mirror, I should have positive thoughts to say to myself. Today’s stick up scripture was I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me.

I have a feeling I would have a great time with this!!

So this evening, I found myself watching a cartoon with my daughter-the Disney one called Princess Sophia, and it’s amazing that I learnt a deep lesson from kiddies stuff! The princess and her sister, Amber had gotten into some serious trouble, that really seemed impossible to break out of. I couldn’t imagine how they were going to get out of that fix, but in the end they did. The same thing happened in the other two episodes that followed, and it just kept resonating within me; that every problem, no matter how big, does have an expiry date and if we keep working on getting a solution, we are bound to find a way out or find someone who helps us out.

While shuffling through Instagram earlier in the day, I read a lady’s post that talked about her wedding anniversary. It said Seven years together, three miscarriages, two fibroid surgeries , two failed IVF and four babies up in heaven whom we can’t wait to have. She also showed a picture of the nursery she and her husband had decorated during their first pregnancy, and talked about how she still believed so strongly that the nursery was going to be occupied soon. The long post ended with a rant about some people who undergo IVF simply for sex selection. She said someone she knew was doing it, and she believed it took out the humanity from the process. Some of her followers commented and said they couldn’t understand why couples would deliberately want one  gender over the other, as all children are gifts from God. My online #TTCsisters smirked at the fact that someone could be picky over gender of their baby, while all they wanted was a baby…it didn’t matter whether it was a boy or girl.

I agree with their sentiments in a way. For example, I can’t imagine my aunt praying to get a particular sex in our next transfer! I have never heard her talk of a particular sex preference through this surrogacy journey, and I believe she would just be very happy to have a baby. However, a Nigerian woman who has five girls for her husband, and is under serious pressure to have a son, can consider IVF for the sole purpose of sex selection. Same goes for a woman whose home is filled with boys, and she desperately wants a girl. I guess at the end of the day, we all want different things. My prayer tonight is that, for whatever reasons we want our babies…whether to start a family or to enlarge an existing one, that God would bless the desires of our hearts and crown our every effort with success.

Goodnight sisters and have a wonderful week!


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