Ipheoma’s Surrogacy Diary 18: I cheated…



Guess who just completed her three-day detox? Yup! ME! Guess who is going to add one more day to it! Yup-Still ME! The detoxification exercise finished so quickly, and I had so much fun that I think I am going to add one more day to it. Or maybe, it’s because Nicole got me tempted with her Pineapple smoothie today and I need to make me some tomorrow. Or probably because Oluwakemi tempted me and made me eat delicious cookies today. Oops! I said it…yes, I cheated today. Just imagine, I have been a good girl, living on peppermint and green tea and smoothies these couple of days…until today!

The day started with the usual morning devotion and school run, which we almost missed because my daughter just wasn’t in the mood for school today, and getting her ready was a huge chore! After begging her teachers to allow her into the school, I carried myself to the gym but only managed to do twenty minutes on the treadmill..but hey, don’t judge. Half bread is better than puff puff. When I got home, I had my cup of tea and took my meds before getting dressed for my meeting with Kemi and Nicole. It was during the meeting that I derailed and got tempted by Kemi’s cookies. A fabulous time meeting with the team and sharing joyful news from some our members, while I munched happily on banana and nuts (insert wide grin smiley).

When I got home, I made myself a pink smoothie! Yup, I was able to get the needed fruits, and posted a picture in our weight loss group. This detox actually worked! Forget that I fell off the wagon and cheated today, but I sweated a lot and peed a lot so a lot of the toxins have been expelled, and I also feel so much lighter. I think this romance is going to go on for longer…maybe I could be having smoothies as a meal replacement subsequently. You would never get so much variety of fruits into me at a go, except in blended form, and I could do with all that fruity goodness..especially with this surrogacy journey and my aunt’s hope of multiple pregnancy.

Hmmmn, my sisters! This age and time is not the best for raising kids at all oh. I personally do not hold anything against the LGBT community and I try as much as possible not to judge, but I also not buy into that lifestyle and I would not want my kids to grow up seeing it as normal…or God forbid, get tempted to try out that lifestyle. So imagine my disgust (for lack of a better word) when I was flipping channels this evening, with my daughter beside me and we decided to watch Disney. I was tired of all the cartoons she had subjected me to, but I also couldn’t watch adult content, so I thought GoodLuck Charlie on Disney would be fine. It’s Disney, right? Safe for all ages? Well, not so much anymore. I realized that they have introduced a lesbian couple into the series. To say I was disappointed is putting it mildly. On a channel that most Nigerian moms allow their kids watch without supervision! They want our kids to start young to see same-sex relationships as normal and cool.

I quickly carried myself back to Disney Junior and made a mental note to try as much as I can to watch TV whenever my kids are watching. I pray that God gives us the strength to watch over the children He blesses us with. Imagine trying so hard to get a child, only to lose same to the ways of the world.

God forbid!



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