Ipheoma’s Surrogacy Diary 23: Holding My Breath



Yes, so tomorrow is Transfer day! I am holding my breathe for this one! Hmmn… What is different this time? I think I’m more relaxed and less tensed than the last time. Since I have done a surrogacy transfer before, I pretty much know what to expect. I have also done everything this time as well by the book, and have taken things a step further by having someone around to help look after my daughter. With the last transfer, I did get out of bed to get my daughter ready for school and that often involves a lot of energy because she was yet to adjust to waking early. I would drop her off at school and then spend the rest of the day in bed. Of course, until she was back home and needed someone to fix her lunch.

This time, I would be on full bedrest and I hope that does the trick. No school run, no cooking, no nothing. Just me, my bed and my couch. I probably would prop myself up on pillows as well and not just lie flat down…I wonder how the next few days are going to be. I would probably get bored out of my mind but I hope it all pays off at the end. Getting a BFP would make everything so worth it! On the flip side, I am happy that I would be taking my last progesterone shot tonight!! Mehn…I would not miss those injections one bit. They hurt like hell. I hope by the time the bedrest is over, I would have healed and be able to walk properly.

I spoke with my aunt this evening and she sounded pretty upbeat. I think that is probably why I am less tensed myself, because the last time, her worrying rubbed off on me and I felt very pressured. Maybe now that she knows there are other options and that which ever way this swings, she was going to be a mother soon. I still can’t get over the fact that my aunt is now open to the idea of adoption, albeit the negative stories she heard about the tedious processing and queue list. At least, she is more open minded now and I am so happy for her. If it gives her peace of mind, I am all up for it.

Today, I went pineapple shopping. That is also another thing I would not be compromising on…the bromelain from the pineapple core which is said to add implantation. I intend to take it, not just for the three days but until Pregnancy day oh…just incase there is delayed implantation. I am immensely grateful for the support I have received through this surrogacy journey from all of you and as you hold your breathes with you, I sincerely pray that I return with jolly news, so we can do our joyful dance. Off to go my last shot and get ready for tomorrow!

Godspeed to us all.



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  1. Godspeed hun we will be praying for you. I had pineapple core till I tested I believe. You can have other bits with it if it becomes boring eating the hard part. :hugs:

  2. Big hugs my darling @ipheoma . You are really giving this 200%. We are praying for good news soonest.
    May God continually bless you and your home and give you and your aunt that BFP. We are ready to dance very very soon


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