Ipheoma’s Surrogacy Diary 29: Half-way Through


Today felt like some kind of anniversary for me! It has been a week since the embryo transfer and I have one more week to test day! I had less backache today and was finally able to finish a book I have been reading. Part of the things I have been doing in the past week is plan for 2016. I feel as though this year is gone already and I have started jotting down goals for the coming year. My husband believes 2015 has so much yet to offer, so we haven’t exactly gotten around to making goals together. But that’s fine. I like to start earlier to plan, so before the year ends, I would have modified and gotten the final plan. Sometimes I wonder if I should stop making yearly plans…no year has ever ended for me the way I anticipated at the beginning. For example, in January, I never thought I would be on a surrogacy journey, yet here I am. I wonder if it’s just better to take what each year brings and go with the flow, or still have a plan to guide you? I guess a plan never hurt nobody..as long as we are prepared to handle what changes come along the way.

I have had a friend over since last week, to help me take care of my daughter and prepare her for school, and this past week; she has actually been a big relief. I see a marginal difference between the last surrogacy transfer when I had to do school run in between the bedrest, and now that getting my daughter ready for school was taken out of the way. Unfortunately, I might have to continue school run next week as my friend got called from home and would be leaving this weekend. I have asked another friend if she could come stay with me for a week, and I’m hoping she shows up. I haven’t told her yet about the surrogacy but I intend telling her if she comes. I can’t tell you how much of a difference it makes when Kaima has someone else running after her and handling her toddler mischievousness!!

Someone who surely can’t wait for me to get off bedrest and get to test day is my darling husband. First, he comes home from work drained and stressed, and gives me this look of na you dey enjoy pass oh. He has made jokes severally this past week about needing to be placed on bedrest and how he can’t wait to go on leave. Well, there are perks to this 2WW thingy I guess. I haven’t suffered Lagos traffic in a week and neither have I been sun kissed. And then the no-sex part of the 2WW is also starting to get him impatient, and last night I had to coerce and make promises in order for him to understand why I still can’t have sex. Men! He even promised to be very gentle and said the embryos were not going to feel any pressure. But mba biko…I am not ready to look at Aunty Oby and explain that I jeopardized everything we have worked for because of darling hubby.

One of the promises I had to make was that I was going for pay for him to see the latest Jame Bond movie: Spectre that premieres tonight in Lagos. I hope that plus the other less-godly promises I made, keep him at bay till 13th. I would be missing a couple of events this weekend like a very good friend’s Introduction and a family friend’s baptism and it breaks my heart to miss these events, but what can we do? I hope they forgive me.



So it’s been a few weeks since I last wrote in this diary. I guess the events that unfolded were a bit too much for me…

But I’m better now.

The good news is that I tested positive and was confirmed with a pregnancy. Yay, right? Alas, it wasn’t to be as I lost the baby at 8 weeks. I think I was even more devastated than my Aunt. The heartbreak was so crushing…I have never felt anything like it.

Anyways, we have all decided to terminate the process, and she will be adopting. I almost feel like I have disappointed her, but she keeps insisting that I haven’t…

I am grateful that I was at least able to try, and do hope she gets her happy ending. As for me, I intend to make things up to my own family…especially my husband, who has been so supporting and amazing. I couldnt have asked for a better partner.

Thanks so much for following me on this journey!



Ipheoma 4


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  1. I am really rooting for you Ipheoma, you are such a brave and generous lady and I pray God cause you and your aunt to have unending joy and testimonies. God bless your DH too. Well done.

  2. I was actually beginning to wonder how your hubby was coping without sex all these while, he’s really a gentle man,my hubby is not that patient when it comes to sex.All the best dearie.

  3. Ever faithful Lord, this is the best news this month. I have tears in my eyes, gosh i am so relieved, happy for them. Finally her aunt will be a mother!!! Praise the lord!! Pls send her our regards, the Lord makes it all perfect in his time. Thanks for the update @oluwakemine

  4. OMGGGGGGG!! WOW! WOW!! WOW!! This made me cry, like finally aunty would be so happy. God is really awesome! This is the best news ever! Thank you JESUS! @ipheoma hope you screamed we are pregnant when you found out?!! God bless you and your family for doing this. We can’t wait to hear how it all happened. Please come back quick and tell us oooo. :hugs: :hugs: :hugs:

    Thanks for letting us know @oluwakemine.

  5. Yayyyyyyyyyy. I have been screaming here. I am sure my colleagues are wondering which jackpot i jst won. Oh boyyyyyy , how i have waited for this news. I am beyond excited!!!!
    Congrts darling (@ipheoma ) to you and your aunt.
    God is indeed faithful.
    Dancing shakitibobo. BEST NEWS EVER!!!!

  6. Thank you JESUS …………WHOOOOOOPPPPPPPPP …………..Aunty is gonna be a MUMMY . God bless this journey and may you have a blissful 40weeks , safest delivery and health BABIES @ipheoma

  7. Congrats Ipheoma and to your Aunt. This is an awesome news indeed. God will prefect your hearts desires for a twin gestation, uneventful pregnancy and safe delivery. Na God win…



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