Ipheoma’s Surrogacy Diary 24: Embies are In



Everything about today was different from the last surrogacy transfer we had! First off, I woke up early and got to the hospital about thirty minutes before my appointment; unlike the last time when I was a few minutes late and had managed to get myself worked up. This time also, my aunt didn’t come along with me, so I was pretty much catching up on World News when I was called into the theatre; no pressure, no overthinking what is to come. Maybe because I have done it before and I knew what to expect, I was as calm as can be. By God’s grace, this transfer was also successful and we were done in about fifteen minutes. So right now, I have three beautiful embies in my baby box and I am hoping so hard that they stick.

What’s different again is how I walk. The small movement I make from my bed to the bathroom has me carrying myself like an egg about to crack open. I walk with utmost care and caution; those embryos are so precious…so so precious that I don’t mind crawling if that’s what it takes to get them to stick. My funny husband even suggested that I moved into the guest room for this period so he doesn’t mistakenly bump my belle with all his mid-night rolling on the bed. I was tempted to accept but soon declined when I remembered that sleeping in the guest room would make me walk around more since all my stuff are in the Master’s room. So, no Oga, we can sleep with pillows in between us however.

The number one person I need to get away from me at this time is my daughter. She is too clingy biko, and whenever she sees me lying down, she sees it as an invitation to come lay on my tummy. I know how many times I shouted today because she could not understand why my belle was no longer a pillow for her cute head. Having someone around to watch her would obviously not be as easy as I thought, because the girl is determined and obviously has her preferences. I hope she adjusts soon to seeing less and less of me this period.

Yay! My two week wait dance has officially started! The last transfer we did, I was on a 9days wait and I was bumped by that because I wanted to get into the 2WW thingy, but now I get to do so!!!! Yippie! My test day is 13th of November, exactly two weeks from now and only God knows how I am going to survive. I would probably watch Scandal and Hawaii Five O from season one all over again and eat pringles and popcorn all day. I hope I don’t get bored out of my mind! As usual, I was given drugs and progesterone to insert, and I am also bingeing on the pineapple core. I hope there is no harm in taking an excess of it, because I have eaten the core of two whole pineapples already and I might get more before I sleep. You see, I am given it 200 percent this time?

Now thinking about what I am going to do with myself for the next two weeks.

God help me!


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  1. God bless you dear and may he make these embies stick so hard this time. Also get blacklist and mistresses. You need all the series you can get and 2weeks will fly by in no time. As for your dear daughter more outdoor activity may help in distracting her and getting her tired.

  2. You are surely a strong woman, and I pray in my heart that God will hold u through and grant our expectations #BFP! So, go girl, our prayers are with you.



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