Ipheoma’s Surrogacy Diary 4: D Day!



So today was the much anticipated 29/09/15!! The beginning of my surrogacy journey! I was up all night thinking about the transfer, and tossing and turning in bed. I ended up sleeping at 4am, woke up at 6am to get my daughter ready for school. My hospital appointment was for 11am, so I got back home and decided to take a short nap. I ended up waking at 10:40am! Rushing to dress up got me tensed and I totally forgot I was supposed to come in with a full bladder. By this time, my aunt was already waiting for me at the clinic and calling my line like crazy. She had been frantically calling me while I was asleep, and got scared that I developed cold feet at the last minute. I quickly drank two liters of water and dashed out of the house.

I made it to the hospital some minutes shy of 11:30am, and I was so pressed by this time, I thought I was going to embarrass myself. I met my aunt at the reception and we proceeded to the theatre together. While waiting at the adjoining room, we said a quick prayer together. I thought she was going to go into the theatre with me, but she was asked to wait in the recovery room. So, there I was, all by myself but in the capable hands of nice and warm doctors, who made sure to engage me in conversation that made me relaxed and, they explained the entire process to me. From a screen, I could see each embryo getting dropped into my cervix and I remember holding my breathe in awe of such tiny embies. “Please stick, please stick, please stick” I prayed as each one of the three embryos got transferred. “And we are done!” the doctor said, explaining that I was going to be on bed rest for three days and stay away from sex until the day of the pregnancy test. No lifting anything heavier than 10kg, no laundry, no cleaning, no grocery shopping. Just rest and take things easy, okay? she said, and I nodded.

I thought I was going to be able to pee immediately, but I still had to wait like twenty more minutes after the transfer; and trust me, I think that was the only downside to today. I was pressed to the point of tears; I was scared of talking, sneezing, laughing or doing anything that was going to make me leak. When I got to the recovery room, my aunt was in tears! I have waited for this day for so long. I can’t believe I am going to be a mother; she said. I was so touched and my eyes welled up in tears too, but I couldn’t go to hug her, because I needed to lie down. But she came in for a hug as I was lying down, and we ended up crying together as she thanked me and prayed for me, and I assured her and prayed for her too. And yes, I did leak! I was so lost in the moment that I forgot I was holding my bladder! But it didn’t matter at that moment. So we hugged, and prayed and chatted until I was ready to go ease myself.

From there, we went down to the nurse’s office where I got more drugs to help with the implantation and of course, more admonition to stay in bed and take things easy. The surprise came when I was told that we were going to do the pregnancy test next week’s Thursday. I had anticipated a two week’s wait, but trust me, I am so eager to find out how many buns we are going to be baking in the oven. So that’s it for now, I intend to absolutely stay strict on doctor’s instructions and put my hyperactive body to rest. The embryo transfer was such a smooth process, and I hope that we get that BFP by next week! This surrogacy is the closest chance my aunt has to being a mama!

I absolutely cannot wait!!


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