Ipheoma’s Surrogacy Diary 25: 8 DPO


I woke up to Nicole’s ticker this morning!! Yea, no school run or waking very early. I woke up at 9am!! I truly feel as though I am on vacation with this two week wait…if only I was confined on an Island instead of my bed. After my morning prayers, I came on the site and saw the beautiful tickers Nicole already had waiting for me. The first ticker read 8 DPO, 11 Days to Testing!! So that’s how long I have to wait to get a BFP *sad face*. It seems like eleven months oh, not eleven days. Then the second ticker said 8 DPO, 5 Days to Testing, which was also accurate because ideally, I should have enough HcG to get a positive in the next five days, but the 11 days wait is more advisable because implantation could occur later than usual. I was very tempted to home-test when I saw the second ticker but I think I would rather wait till 13th, so as not to jinx it. With the last surrogacy transfer, I resisted the temptation to test at home, so this should be easy. I hope!

Today is All Souls Day…a day of memorial set aside by the Catholic Church to remember souls of friends, family and countrymen who have gone to be with the Lord. My husband happens to be an orphan so it was a pretty emotional time for him when he came home from work and I said for us to pray for his departed parents. His parents passed on, long before we met so I never got to see him get emotional over them. Imagine my shock when I said a long prayer for them, and heard a muffled “Amen” from him. Ehn! I opened my eyes jejely only to see my husband trying to hold himself from breaking down completely. Well, na my fault sha…In my prayer, I was talking about how I wished that I got to meet them and all the nice wonderful things I have heard about them, and how I am grateful for the wonderful son they raised. I even went further to talk about how I wish they were around to see their granddaughter and to watch her grow…and how she had no-one to fill her with Igbo folktales and things. One part of me wished I hadn’t gone that far, but I was simply praying from my heart and in the end, I am grateful for tonight. Not every day, you get to see a grown man cry.

My 8DPO symptoms were plenty sha! Started with severe dizziness…I was just falling asleep uncontrollably today and I have managed to convince myself that I am going to get a BFP because dizziness is one of my earlier pregnancy symptoms. I also felt a pulling in my tummy…around my belly region. Me, I sha interpreted that one as a sign of my uterus holding tight to the precious embryos. Then came with backache which is actually a symptom of 8DPO, but I would also like to think it is as a result of my plenty lying down. This surrogacy transfer is definitely different from the last when the only symptoms I had were spotting and backaches. Since the symptoms are different, I pray the result also would be different.

Let’s see what tomorrow brings!


Ipheoma 3

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