Ipheoma’s Surrogacy Diary 22: Bum Shots


Somehow, I had forgotten to call my aunt yesterday to remind her of the change in date for our surrogacy transfer! This morning, just as I was preparing to go to my daughter’s school for their Open Day, she called me and asked if I was already at the hospital. I was actually supposed to go to the hospital later in the day to get more Progesterone shots, so I erroneously replied Yes. It was when she asked me what time and if I needed her there that I realized we were not talking about the same thing. Ha! No, Aunty Oby the date was changed to Friday. The transfer would be on Friday. I wish I could communicate how worried she sounded immediately afterwards! What happened? Why? Are the embryos okay? Are you thinking of changing your mind? What did the doctor say? Chai, I smiled as I told her to calm down before narrating the incident of yesterday that led to the change in date. I heard her exhale and just couldn’t hold my laughter anymore. This was someone that sounded so confident after the last transfer failed, and told me she was relying totally on God and was even open to the idea of adoption.

When I told her that, she said hmmmn, I was open to adoption until I heard what is involved oh. I thought you would just go to an orphanage, apply and get a baby under two months, but I heard there is a long line and it could take as much as two years. Someone told me if I applied now, my file could be number 300 plus! I was really surprised, I have heard that the queue for adoption is quite long and the paper process tedious, but I had no idea it takes that long. Two years!! I then remembered the lady who spoke of her adoption process via an orphanage in Owerri  at Saturday’s seminar and mentioned it to my aunt, and she snapped at me oh Come, this one you are suggesting orphanage for me, it’s like you are no longer interested in this Surrogacy thing. What it is sef? See me begging and trying to convince her nah! I told her I was still solidly by her side and intimated her of the arrangements I had made for a friend to watch over my daughter, so I could fully concentrate on the bed rest and give it 200 percent and luckily, that did the charm.

But it didn’t end there. My aunt knows none of my younger ones are available to watch my daughter so she started suggesting names of my younger cousins as alternative to my friend. She felt I should not have asked a friend to help out, because she might take it as an insult, but that family would always be family. Unfortunately, I am even more wary of family than friends, because I could deal with bad blood between friends and drop that friend like hot potatoes if need be, but I hate to have confrontations with family, so I try to keep my distance. I am only close to a few cousins and relatives and as such would not want anyone of them around me at a time like this. If universities were on break, my younger sisters would have been available to help…but no such luck! Anyways, I assured her that my friend wasn’t going to have any problems helping out with Kaima, especially as she is her Godmother and my daughter already feels comfortable with her.

So the preparation continues, I did some major cooking today when I returned from the Open Day…basically soups and then stew to at least last a week. Albeit tired, I managed to make it to church for midweek service. There won’t be church for me while on bed rest so I wanted to go get some spiritual infilling to last me till I get out of confinement. My bum has been aching seriously from these progesterone shots oh!! The needles are evilly long and hurts so much. The fact that it’s amateur DH helping out with the shots doesn’t make matters better, but thankfully tomorrow would be the last day! I can’t wait.

Have a great night!


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  1. Thank you so much for the prayers and wishes. I pray so much to have joyful news this time, It would hurt so bad if I don’t get a BFP. May God help us @bosa @Bolanle

  2. Amen sisters, need to get my dancing shoes ready too @mummy :hugs:
    Yes oh, God is indeed able to do all things. He would give us a bfp :hugs: @mrsd
    My dear, thank you so much. I hope we all have great news to keep sharing all round @sommie :hugs:


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