Ipheoma’s Surrogacy Diary 21: Change In Plans 



I woke up earlier than usual today! I mean I had just about 24 hours to Transfer, right? I spent over an hour in prayer and medication before I went on to get my daughter ready for school. After school run, I raced back home to get some work done before heading to the gym to burn some weight. I forgot to mention this yesterday but at the seminar on Saturday, My God I binged! The seminar started quite early and although it was very engaging, Kemi and I were pretty famished by the time we got to the restaurant for the buffet. We were lucky to get seats close the layout of food and assumed we were going to get served first but the lovely ushers decided to stay from the table at the back. We ended up being the last to get served and I could almost hear my tummy rumbling. So I carried two plates and mounted them with all sorts of orisirishi. The funniest thing is, I am usually the one who gives people weird glances when they heap their plates at buffets like it was the Last Supper, but there I was heaping mine like Jesus was about to come and I wasn’t sure of finding those delicacies in heaven.

Of course, Kemi was also famished and joined me in the binge :whistle: , but we are not on the same level. I should have remembered that Kemi is a size 8 mother of four and actually needs to borrow some pounds from me while I need to drop a dress size. So I woke up this morning and remembered my Saturday binge and decided to slave it off at the gym. That, plus the fact that I knew I was also going to get bigger once I am on bedrest made me go hard (insert Championship Belt here). Then it started to rain and I couldn’t go home when I intended, so I ended up working out for two hours instead of one…my trainer was very pleased B-) . After the rain, I went home, showered, rested a bit before going grocery shopping. I experienced traffic on my way back which was so annoying as I ended up not getting to Kaima’s school on time. When I managed to get there, her teacher informed me that Tomorrow is their Open Day!

I blinked twice as I asked her why she was just informing me and she wondered why I didn’t see the notice on the Notice Board. I have been walking past that Notice Board since Monday and failed to give it a glance, I assumed the notice was for pupils and staff only. Immediately I got home, I placed a call to my Doctor and asked if we could reschedule the Surrogacy Transfer date as tomorrow seems pretty choked up. Luckily, she understood and we rescheduled for Friday morning! Now, that is such a breather for me. I have enough time to get laundry done and cook up enough food to last Hubby throughout my bedrest.

I have also been lucky enough to have a friend who has agreed to come stay with me throughout my bedrest. I feel as though I disrupted the last one by getting my daughter ready for school and then the school runs. Having someone to wake early, make her breakfast, fix her school pack and get her to school is going to be such a relief. I am not taking any chances this time, trust me. I would probably have my legs hanging up on the rails in my bedroom or the head of the couch all day, everyday, just to prevent any slip. I don’t get another chance at helping my aunt with this surrogacy journey after this, so I really have to give it 200 percent.

May God crown our efforts with success!  :dust:


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  1. My dear, I almost panicked on Monday when they gave the date oh! No long notice at all! Good thing is, I have so much to do in order to get ready, so I dont think about it much.
    Thank you so much for the love and prayers, I appreciate @Nicole @ldike @nadia :hugs:

  2. Amen. We look forward to celebrating this time. Note to you however, remember it’s not you!! Not what you do or Dnt do. I bet you are doing your best so always remember that.
    So Kemi is a size 8 after 4. Jealous much!!


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