Ipheoma’s Surrogacy Diary 27: 10DPO


I am munching some delicious toast bread and sipping on cranberry juice as I type! Oh yes! This feels like a mini vacation again. I was all whiny yesterday, but I got to go for a walk this evening and breathing fresh air just helped my lungs and heart. In fact, I think it even helped with the soreness I have been experiencing down my back. I know I am on some awesome baby making assignment so trust me to take my meds, chew my pineapple cores and insert my progesterone per vagina. Speaking of pineapples, I tried finding out online how long I needed to take the pineapple core for, as I fear that I have been taking too much. I didn’t find much on what I was searching for, but I did find out that pineapples are also used to induce labour. The same bromelain which is attributed to helping implantation is said to soften the uterus and induce labour, so pregnant women are advised not to take it in excess in the third trimester as it could cause preterm labour. Who knew???

Right now, I am scared of putting on weight, because if I continue at the rate I went on yesterday and today; I am going to have extra pounds by next week and would need to put in extra work at the gym once I am off bedrest. I am so optimistic about this second Surrogacy transfer. Something about the way my body feels, is different from the last time. I dreamt of babies this afternoon! It wasn’t so much of a big deal, but it did make me smile and feel optimistic when I woke up. Sometimes I think about my last pregnancy and how stressful it was on me, and I pray that I am strong enough to handle what’s coming. I take solace in the fact that my conditions are better now, as I was pregnant while in school and had to deal with the stress of school work. Besides, my mother says pregnancy usually gets easier with time, and since I have experienced it first hand before, I know what to do and how to handle what’s coming.

I told my sister-in-law about the surrogacy journey during the first transfer, and today she called me to find out how I was doing. During the conversation, she told me she was considering Freezing her eggs and asked me to help her make inquiries at the hospital. I am not sure egg freezing is done yet in Nigeria, I am only sure about Embryo freezing, but I promised to make the inquiries for her. She turns 32 this month and since scientists say Fertility drastically drops after 35, I would say that having her eggs freezed are an excellent idea.

It still amazes me at the support that I have received on this journey, from family and from friends. My friend who has been with me all week has been nothing short of amazing, my husband and his family have been very supportive too; not to talk of the wonderful TFC family I have here.

God bless you all for me. Amen.

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  1. I heard that about pineapple but I guess the ignorance helped as I took pineapple everyday yet my baby loved my womb and refused to show until his edd. The 1.5hrs walk dnt move him, what did I not do to have him at 39wks? I was scared to try castor oil I hear it works wonders.
    Good for you, always wondered how your in-laws took the news or if you had told them. Good to know they are supportive you don’t need any stress. Pls share the information on egg freezing when you get it.

    Pls enjoy yourself, leave this weight ohhh I wish I was on 2ww bed rest now. Those are great signs, may it end well.
    Angel on earth!!

  2. Ha! @bosa hugging you tight right now. Thank you for all these information, I am definitely going to look castor oil up and find out what good it would do to me. Your baby box was to comfy for even the pineapple to get baby out before EDD! That’s awesome!
    I would definitely pass the information around once I hear anything about the egg freezing. :hugs:

    Our tomato jos, Thank you so much hun @ldike :hugs: and kisses to the sweet bun in the oven


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