Intending Parents: 5 Tips to Strengthen Your Parent Profile


It’s time to match with a surrogate and/or egg donor, and that means completing your parent profile. The information you provide is used as a tool during the matching phase of the process, helping the surrogate and/or egg donor to learn more about you and your partner. Your profile also helps us align you with surrogates and egg donors who have similar ideals and viewpoints.

Once your profile is complete, we’ll remove all identifying information so we can present it to a potential surrogate or egg donor. She can then learn about your background, the relationships you have, life experiences, health information, surrogacy expectations, coveted levels of communication, and the type of parent (s) you want to be.

The stronger the profile, the better the impression you can make on a potential surrogate. Heed the following tips, and you’ll be well on your way to a wonderful match.

1. Tell your story with no holds barred. Some intended parents feel apprehensive about opening up and sharing their stories of how they came to surrogacy. But ultimately a surrogate wants to feel connect to her intended parents, making it appropriate to talk a bit about the journey that led you to this point.

2. Be honest. The matching team uses your profile to find you a compatible surrogate. And not having accurate information could mean being presented with a surrogate who isn’t the best fit in the end. Rest assured that all identifying information is redacted, meaning it’s kept confidential. Feel free to be open and honest, elaborating on even the smallest of details.

3. Write a letter to your future surrogate and/or egg donor. The letter is an attempt to open up and share your thoughts beyond the profile. Introduce yourselves and offer details about your daily lives. Reveal how you came to surrogacy and what you want out of the experience and relationship with your surrogate. Remember, you’re ultimately asking these women to help you start a family. Be real. Be yourselves. This is a chance to let your guard down and show your personality. And don’t forget to thank the surrogate and/or egg donor for incredible thing they are about to do- whether it’s for you or another set of intended parents.

4. Include photos with family members and friends. Would you have a Facebook profile sans photos? No way! They are the best part of any profile that is trying to paint a picture of who you are. In addition to pictures of you and your partner, include some with friends, relatives, neighbors, etc. Adding brief captions to describe your relation to the people in your photos also enriches your profile. Just no last names!

5. Ask for help. Your Program Coordinator is there to assist you with matching. Reach out to him or her when you need guidance in finding the right words or want to brainstorm: Think video letter!

The parent profile is the first and only document a surrogate reads before deciding whether to move forward with a match. It gives her a sense of your family, lifestyle, and so much more. Have fun with this stage of the process. It’s an exciting one!

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