In The News: Techno Music May Help Embryos Grow During Fertility Treatment


Techno music may encourage embryos to grow in the mix of chemicals used during fertility treatments, according to scientists.

According to the scientists at Russia’s Altravita IVF clinic, playing techno music 24 hours a day to the eggs in test tubes caused more to be fertilised and also increased the number of healthy embryos by almost one-fifth.

They said that the repetitive drum and bass patterns could result in the chemicals around the embryo being mixed up, which could then encourage it to grow.

Dagan Wells, associate professor at the UK’s University of Oxford, said it was possible that the music’s vibrations could recreate the conditions in the womb immediately after conception.

Speaking to British newspaper The Times, he said: “It is possible that vibrations could simulate some of these effects by agitating the medium, helping to mix the fluid in which the embryo is immersed, diluting potentially harmful chemicals excreted by the embryo and increasing exposure to important nutrients.”ADNFCR-2094-ID-801831502-ADNFCR


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