In The News: Endometriosis Can Be Detected Using Blood Test- New study


Endometriosis is a painful disease that affects women. It is detected through invasive surgery. However, a recent research has revealed that a simple blood test can detect the presence of the disease in a woman’s body.

If the normal endometrium tissue that lines the uterus start to grow outside rather than inside, the condition is called Endometriosis. Some part of the female reproductive system are also be affected like ovaries, fallopian tubes, rectum, and spaces in between bladder. In some cases, the disease can cause infertility to women.

Currently, there is no available treatment for Endometriosis. Therefore, the disease should be diagnosed earlier to prevent pain especially in the pelvic area and to decrease the chance of infertility. One out of ten women is affected by this disease. The current onset of symptoms before diagnosing Endometriosis is up to 11 years.

Heather Bowerman from Dot Laboratories in San Francisco proposed that blood test can be used to identify Endometriosis if it is present in a woman’s body within a day. The initial test trial was successful, and two pharmaceutical companies partnered with Bowerman because of this.

However, the Associate Professor at Adelaide University and part of Endometriosis Australia Advisory Board, Louise Hull, says that those who are suffering from Endometriosis must not rely on a blood test for now. It needs further studies to confirm if the test is effective. At this point, the research team still looking on who will benefit the blood test procedure. The main purpose of the study is to accurately tell the patient that Endometriosis is present even without surgery procedure.

The month of March is also the fourth annual worldwide “EndoMarch” to bring awareness about the disease. March 25 also marks the Endometriosis World Awareness Day.

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