In The News: Eating More Watercress May Boosts Sperm Count By Reducing Stress


Watercress has been identified as the natural remedy to the alarming drop in sperm counts among men.

Earlier this week researchers revealed that stress was to blame for the fact that sperm cells have halved in western men in the last 40 years.

If that trend were to continue then mankind could become endangered in years to come.

But now scientists are urging men to eat more watercress as the superfood has been shown to reduce stress levels.

Tests have found that the green salad dampens the body’s response to pressure and tension and thus helps to maintain the sperm count in men.

Fertility expert reveals how to boost your sperm count as levels found to be at all-time low
It is thought that poor diet and obesity could also be a contributing factor in the drop in sperm levels and eating more watercress would counteract that also.

Dr Mark Fogarty, lecturer in sports and exercise nutrition at the University of Hull, believes that increasing watercress intake could be the perfect remedy.

Dr Fogarty said: “The type of stress that exercise causes is similar to the other types of stress our bodies are exposed to such as environmental pollution, cigarette smoke and even sunlight.

“The role of foods such as watercress in our diet is therefore of extreme importance as we’ve shown it to help dampen the body’s response to stress.

“So regardless if you run marathons, swim the channel or simply walk slightly quicker because you’re late for the train to work, watercress can help your body deal with the daily stress it is exposed to.

“There are so many weird and wonderful chemicals found in this plant that we’ve only touched the tip of the iceberg in regard to what it can do for overall human performance.”

Watercress is also a great source of vitamins C and E, which have been heavily linked with a high sperm count.

Numerous studies over the last ten years have demonstrated that intake of these vitamins increases counts and quality of sperm.

While complex infertility treatments such as IVF can offer a solution many men are likely to be more attracted by adding a watercress garnish to their dinner every evening.

Aside from its sperm count-boosting properties the vegetable also combats DNA damage that can lead to testicular cancer.

A 2007 study by the University of Ulster found that a daily 85g portion of watercress led to a a decrease in DNA damage in white blood cells by 22.9 per cent.


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