In Praise Of The Doctor Who Never Gave Up


I was having a discussion with someone I look up to, recently, when he dropped the name of a doctor I had heard talked about glowingly by some persons in the past.

We hardly ever talk about fertility, even though, he, Debola, and his wife have been TTC for over 10 years. Interestingly, this time, we were just talking about fertility treatments, doctors, and all things TTC.

When he mentioned that doctor (which I will give the alias, Dr. Chike), my ears stood. I asked how well he knew him, and the things he said made my heart melt.

Below is his testimony:

“My wife and I met this doctor about two years ago. And by then, we had been trying for close to 8 years. He doesn’t stay in the same state as we do, so it involved some travelling, but as you already know, we are chasing our baby dream, so off we would go when needed to the state, and honestly, I believed that was it for us. That we had reached our final bus stop, and we did achieve a BFP and even carried till the second trimester, before a miscarriage happened.

Dr. Chike is very thorough, very professional, and so committed to us. We actually think he felt our loss more than we did.  He first of all had a look at all our tests over the years, and even asked that we repeat some tests, to get us started on a fresh note.

We did some non-invasive treatments, just to see if they would work, and when they didn’t, we moved on to IVF. We did IVF, and it worked on the first try.

We were beyond ecstatic!!! Finally, after almost a decade of trying, we were pregnant for the first time!

We did more than the standard tests, all in a bid to ensure there were no issues. He was that detailed. Finally, we moved on to a regular Gynaecologist. It was an emotional parting unfortunately, as we lost the baby. A painful loss, but I guess it was just not meant to be. But it didn’t feel like it at the time though.”


Now, to the very first TTC mama who told me about Dr. Chike. Eunice dealt with TTC for some years, and dealt with all the drama that came with the territory. Sometimes she coped well, sometimes she didn’t. But whatever the situation was, she didn’t give up.

Her journey took her to meet Dr. Chike, after a number of women had mentioned him to her. She went to meet him, and every single time she updates me about her treatment plan, Dr. Chike always seems to have covered all bases. Every single time, I fall in love with this doctor, who just knows the right point to touch at each time.

Her feedback: “I went to Dr Chike, after I had been trying for one year without success. I had suffered two chemical pregnancies by the time I went in to see him. He was the one who first diagnosed me with PCOS. He encouraged me to help myself by losing some weight, which I did, and with some ovulation monitoring, I actually conceived spontaneously. I lost the baby at about seven weeks, as it turned out to be a blighted ovum.

Even though I was devastated, Dr. Chike saw the situation as one to learn about my body more. The evacuated foetus was tested for genetic abnormalities and more.  It was discovered there was an underlying chromosomal abnormality with these particular remains.

That led to more tests for my husband and I. I swear, it was too expensive and I really didn’t fancy it, but in the end we had the tests done, and it turned out that what Dr. Chike suspected was right after all.

Between us, there was some incompatibility issues. After some correctional treatment, we are pregnant!!! Yeah, Olowogbogboro did it through Dr. Chike!

I know how afraid I was to even try again. That it happened and that I’m over the dreaded threshold is more than enough to ease my fear. Now, I’m just looking forward to when the baby is finally in my arms.”


And to the latest feedback I just heard that got me really stirred about Dr. Chike is from Aduke.

Before she met Dr. Chike, Aduke had been TTC for five years, been through five different doctors, and had been diagnosed with all sorts of things but no one mentioned the one thing that was wrong with her.  She didn’t fit the standard description of a woman with PCOS. She was on the slim side, she only had her period a few times a year.

With Dr. Chike’s fine tooth comb, they were able to get to the root of her infertility, which was elevated testosterone levels and insulin resistance.

Finally with a diagnosis that fit her situation, Dr. Chike put her on a suitable treatment plan, and in no time, Aduke was pregnant.

She gave birth to her twin boys in May, and has been on another wavelength…the motherhood wavelength.

She has also become an evangelist, spreading the gospel of Dr. Chike to anyone who cares to listen to her.

That was how I got to know about Dr. Chike for the third time, and I’m a confirmed fan…a super fan sef.

After all, the Good Book says By two or three witnesses, a testimony shall be established.

In this TTC journey, doctors are very much a part of the deal, and once you find one who is so willing to go all out on your behalf, then you have got a winner, much like Dr F is to Nicole.

To the wonderful doctor who refused to give up, bravo!!!



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