“If You Can Donate, Do It. You Won’t Regret It.” Says Woman Who Donated 5 Times And Has 6 “Egg Babies”


A super-fertile mother who has donated her eggs five times has revealed that they successfully helped create six babies.
Dawn Wilkinson-Russell, 32, who lives on the Isle of Wight, wanted to help others after having five children of her own over 12 years.
She has spent the last five years helping four couples become parents – resulting in two boys and four girls.

She says that, despite the disruption to her life, egg donation is hugely satisfying and believes that every woman should consider it.

‘There is nothing more rewarding than being a mother and it breaks my heart that for some people it’s not possible,’ she said.
So far Dawn has had a 100 per cent success rate with her first donation seeing the couple pregnant within two weeks.

‘Women who don’t want children should donate their eggs to others who so desperately do.

‘So far I have a 100 per cent success rate with my egg donation, I guess I am very fertile!’

Dawn wanted to donate eggs since she was 18 but decided to wait until she had her own children first.

She now has five children aged between 18 and six and embarked on her first donation through agency Altrui in 2012.

Each time Dawn donates, she is not paid to do it but has her expenses reimbursed.

There is a tough vetting process which includes blood, STD and genetic tests.

She was matched with a couple who wrote to her via Altrui to explain they’d never fallen pregnant before and the woman hoped that her mum would get to see her have grandchildren.

Over the next three months, Dawn began using the contraceptive pill so she could sync her period with the woman who would eventually carry her eggs.

She injected herself with Gonal F, which combines hormones to stimulate production of ovaries, plus a Cetrocide injection and a ‘trigger’ injection’ just before the eggs were extracted.

Dawn told her children she was helping other families have children and her husband supported her choice.

But ‘it all felt worth it’ when, three months after the process began, nine eggs were extracted from her womb to be implanted into the mum-to-be.

Two weeks later, Dawn was amazed to find out that the couple were already pregnant.

Buoyed by her success, two months later in December 2012 Dawn set about finding a new couple – and posted an ad on website Sofeminine that she’d had a successful donation.

Given she hadn’t known much about the couple through Altrui, the mum ‘wanted next time to be more personal’ and was inundated with dozens of couples vying for her to be their donor.

To narrow it down, she emailed the applicants and then selected a couple from Belgium.

Each time Dawn donates, she is not paid to do it but has her expenses reimbursed.

Dawn carried out the same donation process at the Wessex fertility centre in Southampton in March 2013 which resulted in a boy and five freezable embryos for the couple to use.

In September 2013, Dawn donated again at the same centre and that couple had a girl.

Dawn shared her story in a magazine in May 2014 and a reader contacted her via Facebook.

The mother was then already in the middle of her fourth donation to the first couple who she donated to through Altrui so was unable to help.

But the pair stayed in contact and in in February 2016, Dawn donated to her, resulting in twins.

Dawn stays in contact with all the couples except the anonymous couple through Altrui, introducing her kids to ones she’s helped create.

She says: ‘My kids call them egg babies and know that they’re special because I helped create them.

‘My advice to other women would be: if you can donate, do it. You won’t regret it.’
Culled from http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-4195884/Mother-donates-eggs-five-times-creates-six-babies.html#ixzz4ZJegO5pS


If you are interested in donating your eggs, or being matched with a donor, please send an email to eggdonors@thefertilechickonline.com



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