How To Increase Your IVF Success Chances


90 days! 90 days before the start of her IVF procedure! 90 days before the first injection! 90 days before she would finally have a chance to become a mother! Hmm, the doctor had tried to prepare her for any eventuality, but Peju had never been this close before.

This was her first cycle, and she was very optimistic about the whole procedure, the fact that she was given 90 days…3 months…to prepare and get her cycle in some semblance of order, was a blessing as it enabled her doctor to monitor her closely, and it gave her the opportunity read up on all things IVF.

Peju had been married for three years, and when a baby was not forthcoming by the second year, she had gone to a doctor…but that did not yield any fruit. Instead, she was given another appointment for six months later.

At the next appointment, she had waltzed in, expecting some tests to be done, but no, she was merely physically examined, asked questions about her menstrual cycle, and sent on her merry way with some medications for her menstrual cramps.

Tired of all the shenanigans, she drove into a well-known fertility clinic, and asked to see the doctor. In less than two months, she was asked to do all the tests that her former clinic had not bothered with. At the end of the day, she got a verdict of PCOS.

When she fully understood what she was up against, she did not doubt that IVF might be the only way she could ever get pregnant. When she got home and explained the situation to her husband, he was shocked and became even more so when she told him he would be required to come for some tests. He wondered why they needed him to come for testing, if they already had a diagnosis. After much back and forth between him and Peju, he agreed to go.

He did his test and it showed that his sperm count could do with some boosting, and the doctor again reaffirmed the need for IVF. They agreed and their 90 days of preparation started. Looking for helpful tips, she stumbled on the 3-step approach to preparing the body for a successful IVF. And they are below:

# Cleansing

At this step, Peju found out that she needed to cleanse her body and reproductive system of any toxins that might be there. It is like a farmer who wants to plant, and who must ensure that his ground is well turned and free from chemicals that might damage his seed or stunt its growth. That’s exactly how the body needs to be prepared to handle the IVF procedure; from the egg harvesting, to the transfer, to the 2-Week Wait, to the BFP.

Cleansing supports liver health for proper hormone balance, healthy liver function and aids in cleansing the body of environmental toxins and pollutants. Fertility cleansing also helps to support uterine health by increasing circulation, aiding the uterus in its natural ability to clear out old menstrual blood, and toning the uterine muscles.

Still in the cleansing stage, she learnt the benefits of abdominal massages and learnt how to massage her pelvic region to increase circulation to the reproductive system, which in turn, supports a healthy ovarian-uterine environment, balance the hormones, all of which are very essential to the success of the IVF procedure.

# Nourishment
Peju found out that using this approach, she need not only cleanse her body, she needed to add the right nutrients to it. Same as a farmer would add to his ploughed fields, fertilizers to ensure that whatever he planted grew in abundance. The only way to do that was by eating the right food. A fertility diet…if you will!

You ask what that is. A fertility diet is a mode of eating that supports the body in its reproductive efforts. These are foods which are dense in specific nutrients needed for hormonal function, production and balance, fetal development, egg health, sperm health, blood health and much more. It is a diet that is designed to help the body balance and support its fertility, building up nutrients stores and providing all the building blocks for a healthy child.

This diet consists of lots of tomatoes, which are packed with a nutrient called lycopene, which helps to boost sperm count by up t0 70 percent and increase the swimming speed of the sperm. So, Peju’s husband got to eat lots of fresh tomatoes, instead of blended as he had always had it. Bananas were not left out, as they regulate hormones needed for good egg and sperm production. Let’s just say their house was filled with lots of these super foods, and as Peju found more, she updated her fridge.

Meanwhile, both Peju and her husband kept up with the prescribed preconception supplements they had been given. Anything to put the odds in their favour.


This was the step Peju knew was critical to her IVF success. She knew that if she ate right, underwent fertility massages and all the works, but failed to relax, it would be like spoiling all the work she had been doing. Not wanting to do such damage, she made a conscious effort to de-stress. She gave herself a compulsory one-hour down time everyday, where she did nothing but just pamper herself…either with a movie, or just plain ol’ sleep

She also splashed out on some spa treatments for herself on some weekends, and that really helped a lot. After her visits to the spa, she always felt so refreshed and took a look at the 90 days deadline with renewed vigor.

In the end, the 90 days came and, since Peju’s cycle was fairly predictable, they started their journey into the world of IVF proper. When the time to harvest her eggs came, she had some really juicy ones, and fifteen eggs were harvested in all, of which 13 fertilized. She transferred three, and froze the rest, until such a time they would be needed.

With bated breath, the 2-week wait went by and two of the transferred embies had stuck. It was pure joy.

She had a successful IVF cycle on the first try. Wow! She was overjoyed.

Godspeed to our IVF ladies.



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  1. 90 days before the ivf procedure I’ve been taking solgar prenatal nutrients and iI have a month left for my ivf procedure iIhv been walking for 30 minutes and eat vegetables and nt alot of fruits. This is my second ivf procedure is there anything I need more to do cause iIwant this procedure to be a success


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