Herbal Medicine Friday: The TAKEOVER


It’s another TAKEOVER DAY!!! In addition to our regular fertility, pregnancy and parenting content, we will be presenting our community with varied and awesome content to help make us the best women…and men…the very best we can be.

And Fridays have been dedicated to Herbal Medicine!!! Our partner, Herbal doctor, Afolabi Adeosun will be online today at 12noon, sharing useful tips and answering your questions. So, look out for that!

Get ready folks…it’s going to be an awesome day!!!!!



  1. Good afternoon doctor, pls what herbal remedy can one use for pcos and to induce ovulation in one who isn’t ovulating and is it nice for someone to take both herbal and English medcine together like taking herbs like cinnamon and tumeric or grean tea together with the drugs I was given to @ the clinic.

  2. Hi Dr. I have been trying to conceive one and eight months now without success. To crown it all, my enemy have small sized fibroids ( 1.3cm- 0.8cm) and went for 21 cd progesterone test and the test indicated low progesterone . My nipples was bringing out milk when I pressed them. Although seems to have stopped because I used Parlodel 2.5mg, but correctly am on vitamin B6 50mg, vit C 1000mg, selenium 200, pregncare conception, folic vitamin with b12, vitamin b complex. Please advise me on what to do cause lack of children in the house is making my hubby sad. Please help me

    • Hi Lilian, here’s the @herbaldoctor‘s response to your question: “I understand how you feel as a fertility expert. Many women experience far worst cases than your own and they are mothers today. My advice is that you should undergo natural hormone balancing treatment to correct low progesterone and high prolactin, those are the root cause. The fibroids are not big enough to prevent pregnancy but it is advisable that you treat them naturally to prevent future complication when pregnant. Then you should also undergo natural fertility boosting treatment”

  3. Hi Dr,

    I would like to know if it’s safe to take moringa while trying to conceive and also while pregnant. Please also advice the right dosage if it’s safe.

  4. Hello Dr. Pls Is there any herbal remedy for Incompetent Cervix without going the cerclage route? I had two mid trimester losses, one without cerclage and the second with an emergency cerclage though it was a twin gestation. Thank you.

  5. Good evening house i cant belive i missed out on a date like this when all i do is pray for this kind of oppurtunity , na wa ohh! please doctor i need a natural way to unblock my fallopian tubes, i need this help like yesterday please, i quick respones will be greatly appreciated. Please.

  6. Hi Dr I’ve been TTC for about a year and 8months that’s since I had a miscarriage. I and hubby have gone of or series of tests and certified okay. I’m currently on Evergreen formula for women and Evergreen folic acid. Apart from these are there herbal remedies for infertility?


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