Herbal Medicine Friday: Live Chat With Herbal Doctor


Afolabi Adeosun of Bioceutic Herbals Enterprise will be live on the site by 12pm. Be sure to join the chat to ask him questions about herbs, alternative treatments and how to overcome infertility using local herbs and roots. Or you could drop your questions here, and he’ll answer them :yes:

See you then!


  1. Good day doctor, please i would like to know if there is herbal treatement for Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), and also if there are foods or fruits that decreases the bacteria. thank you

  2. Hello, I ve use different ovulation induction drugs and is not working. Pls what are the local herbs that i can use to induce ovulation and to increase egg production. Thanks.

  3. I took in 2011 and did abortion… 2014 I was lactating and did hormonal profile test which shows my prolactin levels was 66.6. I was placed on bromegon for almost a year and half and I stopped it because the lactations stop n I wasn’t married to be having regular sex.
    This year,i did HSG, my tubes are open? my doctor placed me a clomid no pregnancy yet.
    Pls, I need to get pregnant can herbs help me?

  4. Please I urgently need to get rid of this multi Fibriod .i don’t want to go through surgery and I have tried one or two herbal treatment none worked for me please help

  5. Estrogenic foods like most refined and fried foods can actually contribute to fibroid growth. Your lifestyle involves your diet and daily routines like things you are exposed to, exercises, etc. But the major factor in lifestyle is diet

  6. How do one read your reply to the various questions given by herbal doctor.Also please is there any herbal help for azoospermia treatment?Please reply

  7. Hello doc, pls I don’t knw what to do am having pain on my abdomen and it seems like its increasing, and during intercourse it hurts some times even to poop is a problem. Pls wats d solution. My breast hurts anytime am about to seen my flow or ovulation


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