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    Hallo lovely ladies! Creating this thread for those of us who want to lose a few kilos!

    Based on the information we’ve already given, here’s how many kilos/pounds each of us is looking to lose:

    1. Nicole: Current Weight: 79kg. Target Weight: 68kg (11kg Target Loss)
    2. Bosa: Current Weight: 68kg. Target Weight: 65kg (3kg Target Loss)
    3. Olayinka: Current Weight: 69kg. Target Weight: 66kg (3kg Target Loss)
    4. Akosua: Current Weight: 75kg. Target Weight: 65kg (10kg Target Loss)
    5. Yvonne: Current Weight: 71kg. Target Weight: 65kg (6kg Target Loss)
    6. Nneka: Current Weight: 85kg. Target Weight: 78kg (7kg Target Loss)
    7. Tinuke: Current Weight: 94kg. Target Weight: 70kg (24kg Target Loss)
    8. Chyfaith: Current Weight: 88kg. Target Weight: 75kg (13kg Target Loss)
    9. Ibukun: Current Weight: 178lb. Target Weight: 168lb (10lb Target Loss)
    10. Traci: Current Weight: 80kg. Target Weight: 55kg (35kg Target Loss)
    11. Rabiat: Current Weight: 90kg. Target Weight: 75kg (25kg Target Loss)
    12. Rita: How much weight do you want to lose hun?
    13. Yetunde, would you like to join us?


    So…here’s the plan. Let’s all share some weight loss tips, as we might learn from each other. I’ll share a few of mine, but I’m looking forward to learning a few new things from you ladies. At the end of ever week (Fridays), we’ll post our progress, so we can see how far we’ve come.


    Sound like a plan?  :yes:   :good:


    Kemi the lekpa will be our Class Captan  B-)


    cc: @bosa @ritty @olayinka @akosua @naaadzane @nekkyg @lizzy @chyfaith @ibukun @salamigirl3k @nadia @rabeeyat @yetundeaare @oluwakemine



    My Plan For The Month

    In the last 3 years, I have put on about 7kg…and that’s baaaad, really bad!

    I find myself more prone to comfort eating now. I don’t recall when I made food my therapist, but that’s what it has become. I find myself eating when I’m happy, sad, stressed, angry, upset…all sorts!

    Another struggle I’ve had is with exercise. Now that I have returned to a 9-5 job, I no longer have time to exercise. I wake up at 4.30am, just to be able to get me my household ready for the day…and I don’t get back home till about 7.30pm…so I find myself struggling…

    But this is what I commit to doing this month:

    NO MORE COMFOR EATING! Like, no more! I need to find a way to satisfy myself with fruits whenever I feel peckish. I also am going to continue trying to keep my carbs and sugar to the absolute minimum…so, no more sabotaging my healthy smoothies with packed fruit juice :dohh:

    As for exercise, I’ve just realised that if I do about 20 minutes of jumping jacks / skipping rope every day, I might still be good. I might not have time to go to the gym, but at least I can try to do the burn at home.

    So fingers crossed. What are you ladies determined to do this month?

    cc: @bosa @ritty @olayinka @akosua @naaadzane @nekkyg @lizzy @chyfaith @ibukun @salamigirl3k @nadia@rabeeyat @yetundeaare @oluwakemine



    Wednesday, October 05, 2016


    Just thought to share a picture of my breakfast smoothie: pineapples, berries and banana. I know I should ditch the banana, but I need something filling abeg :wacko:

    Oh, and that’s not crushed ice. It’s just the design of the cup.

    Well, the struggle has been real. After a great day yesterday, I spoilt it by having a bar of Twix at night. It is well. We’ll keep up the struggle.

    Oh, and I realised that dancing for 30 minutes is a good workout! So guess who boogie downed yesterday!


    cc: @bosa @ritty @olayinka @akosua @naaadzane @nekkyg @lizzy @chyfaith @ibukun @salamigirl3k @nadia@rabeeyat @yetundeaare @oluwakemine @iyawodiipo




    @nicole those nails of life. I promised to stop having these doughnuts and beef roll for breakfast (hides face). Developed this bad habit some months ago. I also plan to monitor my portions and exercise 3ce a week, God help me. Im going to use black girls do work out – it’s not too intense.

    God help us all  :good:



    Well that looks yummy and the design of the cup. My breakfast is mostly tea, milo o, not lipton with loads of milk, I guess, I need to go easy on the milk sha. B-). My only exercise is praise and worship on Sundays, it’s one of the reasons, I go to church early. May God forgive me.  :haha:   :haha:



    @bosa, doughnut and beef roll ke??? If I try that, 100kg is what I will weigh. You’re so lucky oh. I’ll check out that Black Girls Do Work Out video. And thanks about the nails. #ThanksToRaffi 😉

    @oluwakemine, you are skinny so you can drink butter sef and no shaking B-)



    Green smoothies for breakfast: banana, mango & dandelions



    @akosua, that looks SO YUMMY! Mangoes aren’t in season here, or else they would have made it to my smoothie for sure :yes:

    And I love your nails :heart:



    lol thanks @nicole




    Yay!!! 78kg. I’ve lost 1kg!!!

    We’re getting there  :yes:



    Dear ladies, our partner, Temi @tems of SD’s Fine food will be live in a few minutes. If you have any questions on living a healthy lifestyle, head over to her Takeover thread here


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