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    when do we start :wohoo:  :wohoo:



    @ldike, I don’t know oh :unsure: . @reggy, when do you suggest?

    And should we share our weigh-in pictures first?



    Funny Girl

    Lool, @nicole no be only sugar, add condensed milk too. Lol…..no SUGARRRRRR!!!!!

    Can we all start on Monday? this to allow us shop for some of these things, clear our fridge and stock healthy food,  send in weigh in pictures and post and of course allow @hephziba eat our naija party food.

    we also need a food scale or weigh cups to measure food qty. Please throw out noodles, bread, beverages, juice, sugar e.t.c :p tongue out.



    No sugar?????? @reggy, so you drink ijebu garri just virgin like that??? Abeg, I no do :haha:. No ijebu garri for me. LOL




    Wow! Thanks @reggy …my biggest issue is indiscipline chai! Thanks for sharing this meal plan but I am unable to download it and when I save it, it doesn’t open in my phone



    Nice!! So what is the plan? When do we start? :wohoo:  :wohoo:


    Funny Girl

    Yes oh @nicole I drink the garri without sugar or with honey and salt but most times I just chew the garri dry. I am weird like that.

    @lovingmythreeangels,  I also suffer from in discipline plus procrastination but had to look for a motivation. My motivation is this; I have to loose weight to enhance my chance of getting pregnant, destroy PCOS and also look sexy on top. Nothing beats that. I can email the  meal plan to u or @nicole can.

    Are we posting our weigh in pix today? What are the rules or guidelines?



    Drinking garri with salt? Ivuoma (@reggy), you are strange :haha:

    @kenechukwu, send me your e-mail ad, so I can forward it to you hun  :hugs:

    As for the weigh-in, here’s my suggestion. We all step on a scale, and take a picture of the number. I won’t bother asking us to include a newspaper so that we see the date, because not only does it make it tacky, we all trust each other and know nobody will get up to any hanky lanky (*side eye*). When you upload your picture, include your name in the Caption box.

    I think we should post the Weigh-in pictures on Friday  :good:



    Tagging @mrsd


    MRS. AL


    Wait oh! How did I miss out on all the fun from all the Weight loss group?

    I thought I was the Cheerleader with my pom poms.

    Oya when are we starting? Oh yes! me too I have a price for the person who loses the most weight oh!!! :wohoo:



    Hi ladies. Ivuoma (@reggy) has shared pictures of the measuring scale and cups:


    IMG_20150624_200036 IMG_20150624_200235



    Here’s her accompanying exercise plan. She (@reggy) also shared some alternative meal plans, but I’ll share that one tomorrow. My bed is calling me now  :sleep:


    Circuit Training

    Warm up properly before you begin. (Do some marching in place, jogging in place, jumping jacks). Use 2-4kg dumbbells.

    There are ten exercises in the circuit. Complete all the exercises in the circuit with little or no rest in between exercises. A circuit is complete when you have done all ten exercises. Do 2-3 circuits with 30-60 active rests in between circuits. Cool down for 3-5 minutes (Walk around and finish up with stretching). 


    Exercise moves

    1.     One arm row – 10-12 reps

    2.     Wall squat- 10-15 seconds

    3.     Bicycle crunch—10 reps

    4.     Squat with hip abduction—10 reps

    5.     Side  plank (10-15 seconds on each side)

    6.     Alternate lunges– 8-10 reps

    7.     Modified plank—15-20 seconds

    8.     Squat—10-12 reps

    9.     Table top push up —8-10 reps

    10.  Reverse crunch—-8-10 reps


    10 minutes Jump rope routine

    Warm up for 3 minutes by walking inside your house at a fast pace

    Work Interval: 20 seconds jump rope

    Rest Interval:  40 seconds easy pace walk

    Repeat 5-7 times.

    One work interval and one rest interval is 1 minute

    Cool down for 2 minutes with easy pace walk inside your house



    Hello beautiful ladies! @reggy, @adaoraa, @pearl, @ldike, @hephziba, @myde, @mabel, @mimibabe, @mrsd, @mrs-al

    Na wa oh. No be today we said we would share those weigh in pictures? LOL! Abi all of una dey fear like me??  :haha:. With all the stress of the week, I have comfort eaten for Africa :dohh:. But if I see the first one, me sef go get liver small :bodyb:



    Ahhhh @nicole I am sure I saw Monday? :wacko:  :scratch:

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