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    MONDAY, MARCH 19, 2018


    Okay, so this was today. I call them lettuce boats  :yes: . Made of chicken patties, tomatoes, onions, peppers, a bit of mayo, and lettuce!

    Really nice!



    Looks yummy  :munch:



    THURSDAY, MARCH 29, 2018

    So this week was mostly about juices and smoothies (not actual picture).

    It started off great, until my colleague derailed me with kuli-kuli on Tuesday  :dohh:   :dohh: , and another derailed me with party jollof rice yesterday  :dohh:

    Wo, I can not come and die ojare  :haha: . I’ll weigh myself tomorrow morning.

    Fingers crossed  :wine:



    @nicole please share your smoothie menu, I am back on the smoothie train. lol kuli-kuli can’t derail me oh, is it sweet? Yes to Jollof rice, but we only live once 😉




    @bosa see the kuli kuli oh :haha: . My new addiction  :dohh:

    I got bored of my smoothies and have been patronising May’s Chills, but prior to that, I had gotten stuck in the pineapple, banana and mango smoothie phase. I don’t add yogurt to mine and use only water though…

    I just hope I don’t comfort eat today, as I’m feeling a bit poorly. It’s been a very hectic couple of weeks  :sleep:



    Please comfort eat jor if you are feeling poorly, how will you get better? These days my comfort eating is also getting lean, i do rich tea or fox extremely chocolatey biscuit…. :blush: For some reason, there’s been no rice kripses at any supermarket around me so I have taken that as a sign. That’s my no 1 comfort eating, cereal at night with lots of milk. :yahoo:

    That kulikuli still doesn’t look appealing jor….. :nope: I stalk some of these smoothie makers pages for recipes…..Try the veggie ones, I had spinach, orange orange, 1 cucumber and 1 apple….It was green but sweet…. :yes: I also do not use yogurt but water or cucumber for water, i am bored already so looking for more recipes.



    @bosa, that was my reaction the first time my colleague offered me. I was like ‘kulikuli yak’  :sick: , but I had a taste and the rest is history  :haha: . That said, I’m already getting tired of it, so I have a feeling I might be giving it a very long break.

    That green smoothie recipe sounds nice. Please which smoothie makers pages do you stalk? I want to try them again, as this 1k every day on smoothie na wa!

    And I have taken your permission to comfort eat this weekend :haha: . Olaiya rice and stew loading!




    Yes ooo…your yoyo dieter reporting for duty  :haha:

    It’s been a month since my last update, and I realise that I have a pattern. I start to diet, I lose weight, then I fall ill…and I start comfort eating, and it takes me right back to square 1  :dohh:

    I was very ill about 3 weeks ago, and that royally scuttled my efforts big time! Trying to climb back on, so I can lose some weight before my birthday…so fingers crossed ooooo

    I intend to do KETO for 3 weeks (I’m in my 2nd week now…even though I haven’t been entirely good  :blush: ), have a break, detox for one week, and then back to another 3 weeks of KETO…and the cycle continues.

    Wish me luck  :yes:   :good:



    KETO (Final Week)

    May 23, 2018




    My meals so far. The first being pork stirfry and cucumbers for lunch…and the second being breakfast of sausages and eggs.

    Getting to the end of my last week of KETO…before my birthday  :cake:   :cake: and my juicing week that will follow. But all things being equal, another round of KETO should commence for the 3 weeks, starting June 11  :yes:   :yes:




    Tuesday, June 05 2018


    So that’s my current situation. Juicing this week. But it’s not going well  😥 . This is just day 2, and my mouth already feels like it has been burnt off, with all the pineapples and ginger in the juices. I most surely have to opt for another alternative for the remainder of the week  :wacko:

    On the weight loss side, it’s like I take 1 step forward and 100 steps back. Life is so unfair! I was on KETO for 2 weeks and barely lost 2kg, then on my 1 cheat week (my birthday week and yada yada), it feels like I’ve gained all 2kg and then some! I don’t even have the courage to get on the scale  😥

    So, after chatting with a close friend and also my Doctor, we’ve decided I’ll start Metformin next week, alongside a brand new KETO week. Because this weight gain is not just a food something  :negative: . I’m so nervous about starting Metformin, but hopeful I’ll finally see a change in my symptoms. You can follow my Metformin journey if you want to (Nicole’s Metformin Adventure).

    Wish me luck!  :awww:

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