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    Woow, Nellies is really gunning for the presidency oh. This brownie looks yummy Nicole@nicole

    How did the event go @bosa? Hope it was awesome. The shoot went smoothly, no tears at all.



    KETO Diary

    Friday, November 03, 2017

    Nellies is really bae shaaa! That was my breakfast today. A KETO pocket, it’s called. Tastes like a delicious meat pie. But her attitude still sucks :nope:

    So, this week I KETO’d FULLY! No cheating at all! I can’t wait for my weigh-in tomorrow. I feel considerably leaner  😉

    @oluwakemine, how you see am  B-)



    :good: :good:   :good:   Nicole @nicole. A full week of Keto, no cheating? Now, that’s just awesome. :bodyb:   :bodyb:

    And this Keto pocket looks delish :munch: :munch:   I see she put in some veggies.

    One day sha, Nellie’s attitude will change. B-)   B-)



    KETO Diaries

    Friday, November 17, 2018

    My people. Long time no update abi? It has been a hellish 2 weeks!

    First of all, make una help me see the ‘swallow’ from Nellies yesterday. I just ended week 2 of my 4-week meal plan with her. If I hadn’t already paid, I would have dropped out. The 1st week was awesome, and the meals were  :good:   :good: . But by the next week, oh boy eh! Out of 3 meals, only 1 would be edible. I can’t even begin to start complaining…

    Is it their horrific pumpkin or lemon chicken pottage that made me (and a few other people in the Group) want to  :sick:   :sick: . Abi is it KETO pockets that were half baked? Abi is it their so-called chicken pepper soup with 2 or 3 small pieces of chicken drifting? Or is it yesterday’s ‘swallow’ that crumbled on impact? If it was that I don’t make the swallow at home, I would have said okay, maybe it’s hard. Or is it the so-called Fisherman’s okra that only had 1 piece of fish in it. No other morsel of seafood??? Abi the KETO bun that was spoilt, to which her response when people complained was that ‘her staff put them in the freezer and not fridge’??

    Why are Nigerian entrepreneurs like this???

    There was a mutiny amongst the people on the meal plan yesterday, because of the spoilt bun and disastrous ‘swallow’, so they have compensated us with a meal today (Shepherd’s Pie). I’m off for lunch in a bit, so I’ll take a picture. Wish me luck.

    The bad part? Because half of her meals are inedible, it has led me to substitute on less-than healthy options. Like yesterday, when I saw what the mess of a ‘swallow’ was, I kuku ate the birthday small chops I’d earlier ignored. Abi the birthday cake I just ate a few minutes ago, out of hunger? Or two weeks ago, when I had to substitute her meal for a sandwich from Smoothie Express that gave me food poisoning that landed me in hospital? Chai, I don suffer!  :nope:   :nope:

    But we still dey on top the matter.

    She’s on a 3-day break until the 22nd, after which part 2 of my plan commences. Really praying they use their ‘break’ to get their act together!

    I’m thinking of trying @mygreenapron next. I heard her meals are very healthy and delish. Not KETO though. Just healthy food. Might even try the So Fresh meal plan too.

    Aluta continua  :bodyb:   :bodyb:

    @oluwakemine @bosa @pearl @ldike @adaoraa @bibi





    :negative: :negative: These complaints are just too much oh for a brand that’s supposedly meant to make life easier Nicole @nicole. This is upsetting.

    We will praying and fasting that they get their acts together, after the break. And she will be hyping her brand there on Instagram and she’s not putting in the work.

    Thank God that the food poisoning scenario is over.

    But sha, the excuse that her people put the buns in the freezer instead of fridge takes the cake. So, who is in charge? She or her people? And she sent it seeing the buns were burnt B-)

    Abeg, look at other options Nicole.





    @oluwakemine, not burnt oh. SPOILT as in going off. She doesn’t have great customer service skills at all. In fact, she’s borderline rude.

    So, this na their Shepherd’s Pie oh  :unsure:

    I don’t even know what to say about it. Whilst the taste wasn’t altogether bad, the consistency was so soft…like baby mash. Made me feel nauseous so couldn’t do more than half of it. Thank God for the cake earlier. Nellies, na you biiiiko!




    Geeezzzz!!! It’s spoilt and she’s talking about fridge and freezer. Okay, may God help her ministry. #stillprayingforherhonestly B-)

    It will soon be over @nicole and you can try other options. Just hoping they will be better.



    Wow @nicole, and there I was on the phone with Kunbi yesterday about joining the plan when they resume, what killed it for me was when she told me they couldn’t guarantee my meals will get to me before 11am since I work at Ikeja mostly and their ikeja store is closed down. Na wa o.IG really deceives o, the pictures on IG are really nice, but I do have a problem with the way she ‘begs’ people to come and buy stuff. More importantly, it is good that you guys give her feedback, hopefully it has an effect no matter how little.

    I called sofresh after I got off the phone with nellies, they sent me their meal plan but I didn’t see how that will work, since some days had parfait and salad, others had sandwich and juice or so, how is that supposed to sustain someone the whole day. Lol

    I really want to keto, even if it just for 2 weeks, but this one nellies has fallen hand like this…



    @ldike my dear, the way the food she uploads on Instagram looks is a far cry from what we get. Some days are good, I won’t lie…but the bad days have started outweighing the good ones.  :nope:   :nope: . Hoping Part 2 of the plan is better.

    My dearrrrrr oh! That was my problem with So Fresh oh! I was like, na smoothie and salad go hold belle all day? But I’m seriously considering them. Check out My Green Apron on Instagram. She has very nice looking meals (my friend confirms also nice tasting), and she does 3 meals x 2 snacks. At 77k, it’s rather expensive sha…which is what is even making me drag my feet.

    But if this Nellie’s saga continues for too long oh… :unsure:   :unsure:

    Have you decided on what to do? There’s another KETO meal delivery service, but my issue with them is that they mainly do mainland, and their delivery to the island is almost as expensive as the food. Check them out at @fitnfabkitchen  :yes:   :yes:



    It’s not KETO apparently. But they do very low carb meals too.



    @nicole pele oh. This is tiring, quite sad because your money is in her hands already. :negative: I thought she had upped her game after the lovely pics you had been tantalising us with. Apparently, it looks like she’s not ready, she needs more research before she should venture into this monthly meals.

    BTW i was reading something this weekend about the intermittent fasting, did you ever try it? Salads with protein such as steak or good sized chicken can be quite filling, also the smoothies if they have yogurt, flax seed, chia etc. You try the weekly plan and decide. Good luck on green apron….All i saw was 77k :scratch:   :wacko: that is quite expensive…..@ldike



    @bosa, that Intermittent Fasting does work. I used to do it before. I think I might interject some of my days with it, and see if it helps my case.

    As for Nellies, I’m just hoping so oh. At least, let me get my money’s worth in the second half of this thing.

    I just ordered a sandwich from So Fresh. Unlike Smoothie Express that sent a Subway sized sandwich, this was just one triple layered triangle (i.e. stacking 3 slices and cutting them along a diagonal…and selling only one diagonal). Granted, it’s half the price of Smoothie Express’s giant one, but it tasted pretty bland I have to say. Not sure I enjoyed it much. But at least I can vouch for their cleanliness (to a certain extent). After what I saw in the hands of Smoothie Express ehn! Not anytime soon abeg!

    As for My Green Apron, at first I was like  :argh:   :saywhat: . 77 gini? But going on her page, her meals look really nice. And there’s 3 of them. And 2 snacks. All under 1,200 calories. Ah, I was seduced. And my friend uses them and says their meals are  :good:   :good: . Still thinking though. Because you know what? I did the math, and spending 2k here 3k here on meals all adds up. You’ll be shocked how much it will come to in a month.

    Still thinking though. But working on incorporating exercise into my routine again. I sort of fell off that one.



    So sorry for the ups and downs of meal plans and fitfam experts…

    77k for meal plan… 🙁

    @nicole: ”Why are Nigerian entrepreneurs like this???” (In Tiwa Savage voice) If I start to talk…It will just be looking like one is a bad persin. 🙁

    @bosa, I think I once wrote extensively about intermittent fasting in my diary with ginger tea and 2liters of water per day.

    Intermittent fasting is a great way to jump-start weight-loss and from experience its sustainable.

    All those IG food looking sumptuous and tasty…I have learnt to just look out for recipes and make mine after so many heart breaking meals i’d ordered in the past + some of them can be on the high side.

    ldike: :haha:   :haha: I guess its partial starvation making you crave for more and more…they call it ”portion control” but the truth is what goes into those parfait and salads/ juices matter a lots hence why people keep patronizing them.**I hope you can read in-between the lines and understand what I mean.**






    @pearl, please help us interpret between the lines na :haha:

    I hear you. It is expensive. My main issue is that I no longer have time to prep healthy meals from home. If I don’t get on a healthy eating meal plan, na Mama Put and Tastee go get my mouth oh…and we all know how that’s gonna go down  :negative:

    My office gives us an allowance for food, which is what I use for the meals. Doesn’t cover all, but most at least.

    Ah, I remember that ginger tea you mentioned oooo! Please can you remind us abeg? God knows I need am  B-)



    Inbetween the lines: It all about craving and coming back for more without getting satiated; well that’s how business grows. ”Caveat emptor.”

    I get you @nicole but come to think of it…What does healthy meals really mean.

    Spoiler alert: The time you eat dinner is the time you eat breakfast without eating nor taking anything inbetween (intermittent fasting), break fast with ginger tea i.e grated or cut ginger in warm water of 500ml before breakfast or during. **I prefer grated.**

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