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    April 21st, 2015

    Hmmmm….evenI don’t understand how I ate today. I did well calorie wise, but nutrition wise  :negative:  :negative:. I was at the cafe I work from for most of the day in meetings, hence my silly diet. This is how the day went.


    Breakfast: 2 oatmeal cookies and blackish tea (sugar, no cream)

    Lunch: Would you believe it? 2 more oatmeal cookies and blackish tea :wacko:

    Snack: 2 pieces of beef from my Mom’s ogbono soup :haha:

    Dinner: Mango Smoothie

    Calories consumed: 857

    BUT I made it to the gym today B-). Did about 45 minutes on the tread mill and a bit of cardio. According to http://www.caloriecount.com, I burnt 190 calories. I won’t even subtract that from my day’s calorie count…before I enter anorexia nervosa territory :wacko:

    I’ll do better tomorrow :good:

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    April 24th, 2015

    GOSH….what a frustrating day!!!!!!!! All the IT issues, plus my other deadlines….gosh!!! And you can guess what I did…I overate :dohh:


    Breakfast: Blackish tea + 2 oatmeal cookies

    Lunch: Chicken nuggets + fries + 1 glass of pineapple juice :dohh:

    Dinner: Mango smoothie

    Total calories consumed: 1,298

    The guilt from my chow fest and all my stress pushed me to the gym, where I did an hour on the treadmill. According to http://www.caloriecount.com, I burnt 608 calories.

    Anyways…small small!



    April 27th, 2015

    Hmmm….may the Good Lord heal me of my emotional eating oh  :wacko:. This was a highly stressful weekend for me…especially with all the drama on the site. And yes, I’m ashamed to say I turned to food :dohh:. Back on track now…but this week’s weigh in is already not looking good :nope:. I think that’s my achilles heel…the weekends! I basically undo all my hard work every weekend!

    I wanted to make it to the gym, but my meetings ran till quite late. I’ll definitely go after the school run in the morning :good:

    So, here’s how today went down….

    Breakfast: Blackish tea + 1 oatmeal & raisin cookie (I reduced it to 1 because the last time, they didn’t taste so great. But today’s was back to being awesome, and I had to resist ordering another one :haha: )

    Lunch: 1 boiled plantain + cabbage, tomatoe and onion salsa

    Snack 1: 2 small packs of plantain chips  :blush:

    Snack 2: 2 pieces of beef from Mom’s egusi soup pot (when I went to pick up my kids  :blush:  :blush: )

    Dinner: Pineapple slices

    Total calories consumed: 987 calories

    I’m working from home tomorrow, and I’m already dreaming of akara…God help me. But if I go to the gym, I should be able to afford a few pieces, right  :unsure:




    April 28th, 2015

    Today was…alright I guess.  :unsure:


    I went to the gym after the school run this morning (hmmm…side bar! At that time of day, the gym is housewife central!! :haha: ), and spent an hour on the treadmill  B-). I also did a few cardio exercises for my abs and arms B-) B-). Machine said I burnt 298 calories, but http://www.caloriecount.com says 476. I’ll go with 476 :haha:. Here’s how it went down:

    Breakfast: Hard boiled egg + 2 frankfurters + half a cucumber + pineapple smoothie (very random, I know :wacko:)

    Snack 1: Another pineapple smoothie

    Lunch: 2 moin-moin + a bowl of garri :blush: (and I am not ashamed. Drinking that garri was all shades of everything :haha:)

    Dinner: A bowl of red grapes

    Total calories consumed: 1,363

    Total calories burnt: 476 😉



    April 29th, 2015

    The beginning of the day was  :good: , but the end… :negative:


    Here’s how it went down!

    Breakfast: 2 oatmeal & raisin cookies + Blackish tea

    Lunch: Chilli battered prawns (I decided to have water, and not my usual oh-so-yummy pineapple juice  :yes:. And don’t worry, I didn’t have any of that creamy mess)

    Snack 1: 1 oatmeal & raisin cookie (for the ride home :blush:)

    Snack 2: 1.5 pieces of goat meat (whenever I go to pick up my kids, that’s how it is oh. My Mom is a diet saboteur number 1. I’m even good now. Before she would ply me with rice, eba, all sorts. At least now, I just do pieces of meat :dohh:)

    Dinner: 1 cup of Kiwi sorbet (I know, I know :cry:. So, my husband said he felt like having ice cream. Instead of me to discourage him and offer a healthy option instead, my ears lit up, and I immediately jumped at the idea. Shame on me and the mango smoothie I was supposed to have 🙁 )

    Anyhoo, total calories consumed: 971

    I was supposed to go the gym after my meetings, but in between forgetting my gym bag and not having my keys to go retrieve them, it went through the window. Definitely tomorrow. Friday’s weigh in is around the corner.



    April 30th, 2015

    Today was an interesting day  :haha:

    Breakfast: My usual Blackish tea + 2 oatmeal and raisin cookies

    Lunch: 2 servings of jollof rice, + a piece of goat meat + a small piece of chicken ( :haha: I know right! So I got back from the gym TIRED and HUNGRY! I was just going to pick up the kids and go arrange some suffer head lunch, when the smell of jollof rice hit me. The rest is history  :dohh: )

    Snack: Less than a handful of peanuts

    Dinner: Mango smoothie

    Total calories consumed: 959 (B+ rating on http://www.caloriecount.com)

    So I made it to the gym, right after picking up the kids from school. I did an hour on the treadmill, but could only manage 20 pumps on the cardio machine  :wacko:. The machine says I burnt about 300 calories, but http://www.caloriecount.com says I burnt 605 :scratch:. Ah, that one is too much oh!

    Anyways, weigh in tomorrow morning. So scared!!!



    Just had my weigh in. 74.9kg. Well, I’ll take it.




    well done Nicole. it’s not an easy feat! I am winning my emotions in this battle and I turned down “blue bunny” ice cream :yahoo:

    Anywho,  :af: is around and it’s not even pretty to say the least. God is still in charge last time I checked. So, I am still alive and still strong  :whistle:

    :rose: thank you for everything



    Awww, thanks lovingmythreeangels (@kenechukwu) :hugs:. Very well done for turning down Blue Bunny ice cream :good:. May God help us in this our weight loss.

    And you are correct! GOD is still very much in charge of our lives! Take the start of your next cycle as a new dawn, and a chance for you to do something new! It is well with you, hun :hugs:




    May 1st, 2015

    Sigh! I said I should come and fill this journal, let it not be that I didn’t fill.

    I’m a hard core foodie…who LOVES to cook. In fact, it’s one of the things hubby loves about me  😉 . We’ve been married almost 7 years, and every weekend is a food feast. During the week, he isn’t big on meals, so it’s much easier for me to diet then. Then the weekend comes, and we cook like crazy…and I can’t resist  😥

    Here’s what I had today  😥

    Breakfast: Ham, egg & tomato sandwich + 2 pork sausages + chips (I wish I could say it was brown bread…or just 2 slices  :nope:. Full on white bread, with mayonnaise spread on all 3 slices of it 🙁  )

    Lunch: 2 servings of rice + stew + plantain 😥

    Total calories consumed: Don’t bother :blush:

    Hubby has asked for pancakes for breakfast tomorrow, so it already isn’t looking good :nope:




    Gosh, I am so ashamed of myself.

    This obviously the reason why my weight loss has been snail slow. What’s the point of flogging and denying myself for 5 days a week, and eating recklessly for 2….or in this case, with the holiday we had on Friday, 3??!

    I’m really very upset, and I know I desperately need to address this. It’s like I just can’t resist  :dohh:

    But I’ll get better. I’ll try harder. I promise.

    Tomorrow is going to be GANGSTER at they gym!!!!!



    May 4th, 2015

    Hmmm. Back on the wagon today. I promise to always fill my journal, even when I eat like a horse. That way, I’m at least accountable for my actions.  :blush:


    As for today, it went okay….

    Breakfast: Blackish tea + Oatmeal & Raisin cookies

    Lunch: Chicken suya (I was already dying with hunger when I saw the tiny portion. I ordered a side of fries abeg. Make I no go die on top size 10 aspiration  :wacko:)

    Snack: 1 piece of beef at Mom’s house (as usual :haha:)

    Dinner: Naughty pineapple & banana smoothie (naughty because the pineapple was tangy and tart, I had to add a dash of packed mango juice :blush:. By a dash, I really mean a dash)

    Total calories consumed:  1,149

    I went to the gym in the evening, and did my usual 1-hour on the tread mill (brisk walk / jog at 6 mph). According to http://www.caloriecount.com, that was 605 calories burnt.

    Tomorrow, the struggle continues  :good:



    May 5th, 2015

    Hmmm….today, I hit that gym like never before!

    After my work session in the café, I went straight to the gym and did my usual 1 hour on the treadmill, except I did quite a bit of running this time, not just brisk walking and jogging. I definitely think I got more done  :good:. I’m back there tomorrow morning, and will have my weigh in on Thursday (we travel on Friday morning). After the debacle of this weekend, I’m not holding much hope for the weigh in…but I hope that the exercising will at least help reduce my shame  :blush: 

    So, here’s how today went down!




     Breakfast: Blackish Tea + Oatmeal & Raisin Cookies

    Lunch: Chilli battered prawns + Pineapple juice (I know right! I’m so predictable. Once I find something I like, I usually stick to it :blush: )

    Dinner: Half a serving of fried rice (Mom strikes again. But it was truly half a serving as it was about 3.5 table spoons) + a tiny piece of fish

    Snack: Mango Smoothie

    Total calories consumed: 1,003.

    Calories burned from exercise: 643

    Nutritional Rating: A



    May 6th, 2015

    Hi people. Another day. I paid the price for an incredibly tiny breakfast. By lunch time, I was d.i.z.z.y from hunger. Note that the image is just for representation, and not the actual picture. I was too hungry to take any photo evidence  :blush:

    After the morning school run, I went to the gym and did an hour on the treadmill….mixing it up with walking, jogging, and running. So that was a good start to the day :good:


    Breakfast: 1 hard boiled egg + 2 frankfurters + mango smoothie

    Lunch: Grilled chicken sandwich and fries

    Dinner: Mango smoothie

    Snack: Half a cup of packed mango juice  :dohh:

    Total Calories Consumed: 1,213

    Calories Burnt from exercise: 697

    I’m weighing in tomorrow morning. Hmmmmm….I’m not really hopeful. Well, I’ll take whatever I see  :unsure:




    I can’t just laugh oh!!!

    So….I weighed myself today. No change whatsoever! Not even by 0.005 kg. 74.9kg again  :dohh:. After my 8th or 9th time trying, I jumped off the scale when it went UP to 75kg. So I took no picture :haha:

    To be honest, it’s no surprise to me. Even with all the gyming, the naughty weekend I had, combined with a few other naughty meals didn’t help matters at all.

    I’ll log my food entry today, to keep myself accountable…and I will try to eat healthy when I’m away, even though I won’t kill myself oh. But when I get back, I need to make some changes:

    1. I have to QUIT eating what I like at the weekends. This makes rubbish of all my efforts
    2. Those my mango smoothies ohhhh. I probably need to limit them to like once, or twice a week :nope:
    3. No more side orders of fries
    4. I’ll cut down my oatmeal and raisin cookies from 2 to just 1
    5. Be more disciplined
    6. Go to the gym more often

    So, pray for me ladies! I need to get to my goal weight. If I weigh less than 74kg by the end of May, that will be a step in the right direction  :good:


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