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    @nicole that your PR girl is a joker!! 500k is her giving back abi? 6 weeks work could have been maybe 3M so this is a steal…. :haha:

    Seriously, there are all sorts of businesses in this country now, I love our hustling spirit. That’s how I heard there is a wardrobe stylist – organise wardrobe and style MY clothes is now $1k…..lol abeg i’m looking for that kind of side hustle oh, I will fold everything neatly and display all tops and bottoms, in fact I will come back after laundry is done to re-arrange. :haha:



    :haha: :haha:   :haha:   :haha:  @bosa, you hit the nail on the head oh. Business owners want to start today and become multinationals tomorrow…at whose expense nau and in this economy?  🙁  🙁

    $1k for wardrobe stylist? Lord have mercy!!!! So, Naira is that devalued that a wardrobe stylist can’t collect it. Omo mehn, I will do more than come back after laundry is done oh, I will come back for one full week to ensure, everything is in order. :yes:   :yes:

    Abeg, leave PR madam, she needs to get her head out of the clouds. #Nonsenseandingredients :growlmad:




    @bosa you just hit the nail on the head

    breaks my heart for nellies… we went to the same secondary school

    meanwhile @nicole please hook me up with the rice and stir fry people

    @oluwakemine you disappeared the other day, i went to get your bag and came out you had gone



    @ldike, thanks for having us on Sunday hun. We had a lovely time  :heart:   :heart:   :heart:

    Do you mean the recipe? Because na me make am o :haha:



    What is really paining me is all the images of food that we lost with this recent technical bug. I’m so so pained   :hissy:   :hissy:   :hissy:   :hissy:

    Ah well, I guess I need to take more food pics  😥



    Linda @ldike, thank you for having us and kisses  :kiss: for our birthday girl. You were busy mehn, I didn’t think you had the time to get the other bag. Anyways, @nicole ensured everyone was happy in the end 😉

    This techie glitch, I have no words honestly. :argh:




    APRIL 16th, 2017


    Yo! Look who’s almost getting there  :yahoo:   :yahoo:   :yahoo: . Please ignore the banged up toes  :dohh:


    Almost 9kg down! Very happy about that. I know it would have been more, if not for all my breaks in transmission  :haha: . But I’m happy. Like you guys have advised me, I shall continue for the last 3 kg  :whistle:   :whistle:


    I have to confess that I’ve been naughty this weekend (Easter tinz), so I have a lot of work to do this week. I’m off to Yenagoa this week (don’t ask  :dohh: ), but I’m hoping the hotel has a good gym like the one I was at in Uyo. That way, I can burn off any naughtiness  😉


    All things being equal, by the time it’s time for my photoshoot in 2 weeks, I should be looking nice and snazzy  B-)


    Yels ke. This has all been for the photoshoot  :haha: . Okay, I kid. It’s all part of turning 40 peeps! I went for a friend’s 40th birthday party recently, and I haven’t gotten that many compliments in years. My 30s were mainly about being overweight and dry. I want to glam things up this new decade…no be so?  😉



    cc: @oluwakemine @ldike @pearl @adaoraa @bosa



    AHHHHHhhhhh so i missed a big bash @idike?

    hmmmm @nicole you no wan gree….this 40s eh serious rocking!!! Can’t wait for the photo-shoot and the big  bash :haha:

    Upon all my fast, this year i didnt get down to 55kg like last oh. i struggled btw 58-60kg so i have shopped gym clothes and swimwear…It now has to be my way of life, this under belly fat aka pouch aint making shopping fun at all.

    I’ve been MIA thanks to the website issues and i am on vacay….. :yes:   :yahoo:


    :dust: :dust:



    @bosa, enjoyment baby! How’s your holiday going? I envy you oh  B-)


    Now I know how angry I make my 100kg+ friends, when I tell them my weight. 60kg sha. I feel like beating you  :haha: . But I guess we all have our comfortable weight, so go for it hun. You will tackle this thing when you come back to join us.


    My dear…the website issues. Let’s not even talk am. I almost lost my darned mind  :wacko:



    Oh wow well done Nicole! Even from the picture from that party I could tell from your face!!  :yahoo:   :yahoo:   :yahoo:

    Considering how long it took to get here I am super proud of you!! :yahoo:   :yahoo:



    :yahoo: :yahoo:  Less than a month to that day now @nicole. With Nicole @nicole‘s result with Keto,and that of some of our members, I have become a Keto evangelist oh. Spreading the news ni o, not pratising.  Yippee,very soon, you won’t be complaining about your weight again.

    Haha @bosa, na only you waka go this vacay?  Enjoy yourself. When you come back, let’s talk about that  underbelly paunch :haha:   :haha:



    @nicole: Good job girl. Keto is indeed working… :yahoo:
    @bosa: I envy you o, 58-60kg…that must be a dream which might not come true for me o. 😥



    This is great, well done!



    Thanks, lovely ladies! :heart:


    @adaoraa, I know right! Two years to lose less than 10kg :haha:. But better late than never. Thanks for supporting me all the way hun! Here’s to the remaining 3 (ish) kilos  :drunk:


    @oluwakemine, real supporter only with mouth  :haha: . But my dear, the KETO gospel really needs to be proclaimed oh. Have you checked out the KETO groups on Facebook? MEHN, you will see weight loss pictures that will make you AMAZED! Women losing 20kg in 2 months! Those ones are the real super stars oh. I give them hand!


    @pearl, thanks hun. And don’t mind @bosa oh! 60kg! When even getting under 70kg has been like rocket science. Some people are just blessed!


    @chyfaith sweetie, thanks  :heart:   :heart:



    KETO Diaries

    Hi ladies. It’s been a minute. I have to admit that I’ve been baaaaaaad these last couple of weeks! After birthday shenanigans and eating pretty much anything I like  :dohh:

    Let’s just say #FitFam #KETO is loading again!

    In the meantime, here are some of the images I lost in earlier messages. Holler if you want the recipes  :whistle:


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