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    So, I started 2015 with the goal to lose these stubborn 8kg – 10kg…but I quickly got derailed. I’m a foodie….so it’s hard (*covers face*). Anyways, when I got serious, I had to start a 30-day fast for some personal intentions, so that got put on hold temporarily. Now Lent has begun, so diet is even more on hold!

    However, I will be resume my weight loss efforts in full force right after Easter (AMEN!!!). The good thing is that the fasting has already helped me shift a 1 or 2 kilos, so here’s hoping I will be halfway there by the time the diet starts 🙂 😀

    So….watch this space!




    April 4th, 2015

    Hmmmmm…..after fasting for almost 90 days, I sit here probably even heavier than when I started  :dohh:. Even though I have been breaking my fast at 3pm every day, I have ended up eating enough to make up for the entire day…and then some!

    One of my closest friends came to see me today, looking FANTASTIC! She has lost about 10kg over the past year, and just looks awesome. She gave me some pep talk, and I think I’m ready to get serious now! I’m definitely getting serious!!!

    So, come Tuesday the 7th, it’s ON!!! Starting with a 3-day detox, I’m determined to get my sexy back before my birthday in May  B-)



    Monday, April 6th

    So….the diet starts tomorrow!!! Hmmm! You would think I was eating for the last time in my life. I had a good helping of everything. It felt like those days when I was in boarding school, and about to resume for a new term after a lovely holiday. I would always eat my food with so much melancholy….knowing it would be a few months before I would be able to feast on Mom’s cooking today. Well….so it felt like today. As I munched on pancakes and syrup for breakfast, and rice with stew for lunch…all I could do was wonder when next I would be able to eat with reckless abandon again  :nope:

    Anyways, tomorrow I start a 3-day fruit detox. Yep, it’s exactly what you just read  :wacko:. My body is full of such junk that I really need to cleanse it before I start my healthy eating.

    I was going to start this Meal Plan, but I’m thinking of refining it more for my PCOS wahala….so, that’s what I will work on tomorrow. Hopefully, before Thursday, I’ll have come up with a meal plan I can realistically follow.

    I have also ordered an electronic scale, so that I can honestly track my weight, instead of just guessing based on how loose/tight my clothes feel  :dohh:. Don’t worry, I shall share pictures  :blush:

    Wish me luck!  :good:



    Tuesday, April 7th

    And, it’s ON!!!  :good:

    My 3-day detox started today….here’s what it looked like:

    Breakfast: 3 slices of pineapple

    Lunch: 1 lb of seedless grapes

    Dinner: Mango & Cucumber smoothie (2 parts mango, and 3 parts cucumber…so it had just enough mango for some punch, but not enough to be too sweet).

    Well….day 1 wasn’t bad at all! Bring on day 2  B-)




    Wednesday, April 8th

    Detox Day 2….and I’m still alive :yahoo:


    It was slightly harder today, I won’t lie  :haha:. But anyways, here’s what I ate (or didn’t eat  :wacko: )

    Breakfast: 2 slices of pineapple

    Snack 1: The rest of yesterday’s Mango & Cucumber smoothie

    Lunch: 1 lb of seedless grapes

    Snack 2: Fistful of nuts and raisins

    Dinner: Mango & Pineapple smoothie (much tastier than yesterday’s  :good: )

    All in all, I consumed 749 calories today (according to http://www.caloriecount.com)

    Oh, I finally have my meal plan ready (see it here). So come Friday, I’m good to go  B-). My scale was also delivered today, so expect a weigh in very very soon 😉




    Thursday, April 9th

    Hmmm….my image of shame. So, I started off saying I’m at 75kg right? Well, add 1.4kg to that  :cry:.



    I’m so sad and wonder how I got here. Ah well, all the more motivation to lose this extra poundage. I’ll weigh myself at the end of next week, so hopefully I would have made some progress  :unsure:

    Anyways, today was the end of detox, and this is how it went:

    Breakfast: Leftover Mango & Pineapple smoothie

    Snack 1: Mango smoothie :wacko:

    Lunch: Kiwi sorbet (I know, I know :dohh:. So, I took the girls to Coldstone for ice cream. I was able to resist the temptation of any of my usual treats, but I settled for a teeny-tiny “Like it” cup of kiwi sorbet….and kiwi is a fruit, right? :blush: )

    Snack 2: 2 slices of pineapples

    Snack 3: Handful of nuts

    Dinner: Mango & Pineapple Smoothie

    Total calories for the day 972!

    Tomorrow, I begin my PCOS Friendly Diet! Wish me luck  :good:



    Friday, April 10th

    So, my diet started today  B-)


    I had to modify it a bit though, as I wasn’t quite prepared for the official diet. But here’s what today was like, food wise:

    Breakfast: 4 small Irish potatoes + sardine tomato salsa (I should have used sweet instead of Irish potatoes, but I had none at home. I also should have stuck to 3 pieces….but I was starving :wacko: )

    Snack: Mango & Pineapple smoothie

    Lunch: 2 small pieces of moin-moin + beef (again, this should have been fish, but I didn’t have the time to rustle it up :blush: )

    Snack: Fistful of nuts

    Dinner: Mango and pineapple smoothie

    Total calories consumed = 1,411 calories  :wacko:. Probably the extra potato I had, and also the extra smoothie :dohh:. Ah well, will do better tomorrow :good:



    Saturday, April 11th

    Sooooo…..today wasn’t the best. But whatever, we’re still charging right on!!!

    Here’s how it went….

    Breakfast: 2 medium sized baked sweet potatoes + egg and sardine salsa

    Lunch: Pounded yam ( :blush: ….but it was a little portion though, less than fist size) and egusi soup (this was not your definition of healthy soup, I won’t lie  :blush: )

    Dinner: Mango smoothie

    Total calories consumed: 1,445

    On to the next!  :good:



    Monday, April 13th

    Today was a good day  B-)   B-)   B-)   B-)


    I think I did pretty good  :good: . Here’s how it all went down!

    Breakfast: 3 pieces of boiled plantain and steamed spicy ugwu

    Lunch: Grilled chicken salad

    Snack: 2 pineapple slices

    Dinner: Pineapple smoothie

    Total calories consumed: 903




    Tuesday, April 14th

    Today wasn’t bad  :good: . But I got a rude shock though. I always thought plantain flour would be sweet, and cute looking. I never thought it would be….BLACK  :scratch:


    Here’s how the day went down!

    Breakfast: 2 baked sweet potatoes + sardine salsa

    Lunch: Plantain flour + okro soup (cooked with no oil whatsoever)

    Snack: 2 slices of pineapple

    Dinner: Mango smoothie

    Total calories consumed: 1,020




    April 15th, 2015

    Today, I was a very very bad girl  :blush:

    Here’s how it went down!

    Breakfast: 2 frankfurters (steamed, not fried), and 3 small balls of akara  :blush: (God knows I started off wanting to make an omelette, but somewhere along the line….. :dohh:)

    Lunch: 2 pieces of Moin-Moin

    Snack: Kiwi sorbet & a handful of popcorn  :dohh: (I took the kids out, and I couldn’t resist. All credit to me for resisting the shawarma though!!!!)

    Dinner: Hard boiled egg + Mango smoothie + 2 ginger biscuits (I suffered such a sugar crash from my afternoon indulgence that I needed to add something to my smoothie)

    Total calories consumed: 1,414  :dohh:

    I pray tomorrow will be better. I’ll be in meetings most of the day, and it’s so hard to control what you eat when you’re out. God help me  :wacko:

    I have my weigh in on Friday, and I still haven’t made it to the gym. Hmmmm….how serious am I  :negative:



    April 16th, 2015

    I’m not even guilty about today  :haha:. I was in business meetings all day, and as such was at the mercy of the cafe where I work from. I tried to be good…I think I tried a bit…but I just could not resist these prawns  :whistle:


    Here’s how it went down!

    Breakfast: 1 cup of black tea + 2 oatmeal & raisin cookies

    Lunch: 4 pieces of the most delicious Battered Prawns in the world!

    Snack: 2 slices of pineapple

    Dinner: 2 bananas….and when I was dishing dinner for DH I helped myself to 2 spoons of his rice and stew  :blush:

    Total calories consumed today: 1,126

    Not too bad…not tooooo bad  B-)



    April 17th, 2015 (10.03am)

    In fact, I am amused :haha:. Soooooo, you mean after all that starvation, I didn’t even lose up to a kilo!!! Hmmm, pauvre Nicole…..very very pauvre!


    Ah well…I guess it might be because I couldn’t squeeze in any gym time…and of course the fact that I wasn’t entirely consistent. No wahala. We shall keep trying  :good:  :good:



    April 17th, 2015

    :haha: :haha:  :haha:  :haha:  :haha:  :haha:

    My day started fairly well with a reasonable meal of boiled plantain and sauce…and I was fine till like 5pm when I went for my sister-in-law’s birthday get together. Hmmmmm….let’s just say that small chops, cupcakes, and generous slices of birthday cake were eaten  :blush:

    Total calories consumed: 10,000,000  :haha:

    Chai! Nicole! Tomorrow sha!




    April 20th, 2015

    So…after a minor bump on the road….I’m back!!!!


    I think I did good today…here’s how it went down!

    Breakfast: Boiled plantain + sardine/onion salsa

    Lunch: Chicken pepper soup

    Snack: Bowl of red grapes

    Dinner: 1 hard boiled egg

    Snack: Handful of nuts

    Total calories consumed: 828  B-) (Kinda low, I admit….but after my binge fest this weekend, very necessary  :haha: )


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