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    Morning beauties @nicole @oluwakemine @pearl How are we doing?

    @pearl thanks for reminding me. I have been researching and would have thrown away almost $30 on a cap. In this recession!!! I think I will stick to my current cap. It’s the edges that get wet, the middle of the hair is usually dry so yea maybe i should double up instead of buying a so-called brand that claims to be effective.

    @nicole the funny thing is “packs” were never something i desired. I think it’s quite extreme for ladies and makes us look “too hard” but yea here we are…lol remember though, the mummy pouch is still below the packs oh :haha: But it is greatly reduced thankfully.

    @oluwakemine, Omawumi was boring jor, KSA wasted time as usual so he got on stage at about midnight. My sis and I hung out a bit with dad since mum couldn’t make it and once he got on the dance floor, we disappeared at about 12.45. Friday is my swimming day so I was already there, glad I didn’t go out of my way because I am not a KSA fan.

    I am not sure about spotting a new look oh :haha: The change is minimal at least to me, it’s usually when i am in pants I notice. When my waist loses inches and its 26 again then I can proudly say I am spotting a new look 😉 :rofl:

    Have a blessed day :good:



    Have a blessed week too @bosa. Sunday is almost here and I can see for myself. So, you and your Sis sneaked off on your Dad abi. Una weh done.

    Re: Omawumi was boring jor, I need to stop paying attention to social media hype.  B-)



    @oluwakemine she was okay last night, well i love carols so yea. She sang at This present house church christmas concert.

    Week in a glance Diary

    Exercise: I attended Aerobic classes on Monday, Swam on Tuesday, Ran/power walked 4.2km on Thursday morning, plan to swim tonight and run/power walk 5km tomorrow morning. I shall be running, swimming and using fitness apps from now till the new year. My class size kept getting leaner as most people want to relax this festive period and return in the new year so I consider it a waste to keep paying.

    Food: I discovered another nice green smoothie so had that for breakfast thrice this week, the other 2 days i had scotch-eggs and my son’s biscuits :haha:.

    Lunch was good, had quinoa, beans, sweet potato. I kept away from rice, well until this afternoon. Had a small portion of jollof rice with brocolli and carrots.

    See below my bottle of smoothie and water, i try to drink 4 bottles of water minimum a day.

    Smoothie Recipe:

    1. large peeled cucumber – i use half depending on the size.
    2. 1/4 cup of mint leaf
    3. 1 green apple diced
    4. 1/2 Avocado

    I added a banana to today’s mix…..I found this smoothie quite feeling. I shall experiment another green smoothie next week, till then I sign out….Have a fab weekend and can’t wait to see you all on Sunday @nicole @oluwakemine @bibi @ldike @elle :wohoo:



    You have been a really good girl and it shows oh Bos @bosa. :bodyb: :bodyb: I feel you about people wanting to relax until the new year. Abeg, person no go com die oh. But you have to watch what you eat still, so you don’t undo all the months of good work before the new year.

    It was nice to see you again yesterday. :heart:   :heart:


Viewing 4 posts - 76 through 79 (of 79 total)

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