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    @bibi I am on the Keto diet, as @nicole said you want me to disappear?? :haha: However @nicole i must saying http://www.wellnessmama.com blog is giving me recipe ideas. I am thinking of trying the coconut flour to bake and cauliflower rice so yea i guess bits and pieces. :mail:

    @bibi on the videos, I still do not know how to do that as there is nobody to record the sessions. You’ve given me an idea so I’ll think about it and that may be more interesting…

    @pearl thanks so much, MODERATION is noted…..good to have you here. I’m so glad… :yes:   :kiss:

    @becca thanks :hugs:   :kiss:



    Diary Sessions – September 19-21, 2017

    I am back; it has been a hectic week. It’s countdown to TGIF and despite the hectic schedule I have been a bit good.

    Tuesday – September 19, 2017

    Breakfast: White bread sandwich – fillings were lettuce and cucumber with avocado as spread.

    Lunch: Lamb veggie stir fry and quinoa.

    Dinner: 4 sticks of rich tea biscuit and a tiny piece of cake…. :nope:

    Fruits: Apple and Tangerine

    Aerobics: Steps.

    Goal achieved – 70%??

    Wednesday – September 20, 2017

    Breakfast: Scotch egg (still hadn’t gotten around to buying wheat bread).

    Lunch: Beans and dodo (3 slices   😉 ).

    Dinner: A Drum stick from church’s jollof rice pack and chamomile tea.

    Fruit: Apple

    Aerobics: No class today, went to church.

    Goal achieved – 70%??

    Thursday – September 21, 2017

    Breakfast: Wheat bread  🙂 with egg, cucumber, lettuce and some carrot from my salad.

    Lunch: 1 scoop of jollof rice, steamed “tete” vegetable and fried beef. (No meal prep so I pray this is it for this week).

    Dinner: ?? No idea yet.

    Snack: Salad without dressing – cucumber/carrot/cabbage/lettuce.

    Aerobics: No class today as I have church.

    Goal achieved – 70%??

    I overdid the work out on Tuesday and not only pulled a muscle badly but also have pains in my knees so taking it easy with the aerobic sessions this week. I made 4 classes last week yet this didn’t happen, wonder why but I am not deterred. I should resume tomorrow as the pains have reduced significantly and with today’s rest I would be in better shape for the class on Friday.

    So ladies your scores please…. @nicole @oluwakemine @bibi @idike @pearl @becca :good:




    Bosa! Bosa!! Bosa!!!

    How many times did I call you?! The way I’m seeing white bread, biscuits and dodo in this your meal log ehn! Kontinu!!! Lol! My dear, it’s hard, but you’ll get better results when you phase out white bread…I promise you that! I bake a lot with coconut flour, so I’m sure that blog can give you some nice alternatives. I’m checking it out now :yes:

    Otherwise, well done babe! You’re trying! I particularly liked that you only ate the chicken from your takeaway pack yesterday. Well done mama  :hugs:



    @nicole thanks for calling my name thrice.. :rofl: I know oh, that rich tea will not be the death of me. Rich tea, Jacob’s crackers and Fox chocolate biscuits are my own sweet tooth, since my pregnancy cured me of most. I can finish packs in a day without food. I am now down to just 4 sticks in a day, please praise me small :blush:   I have crackers left in my pantry so once that is finished, i shall close my eyes when passing the biscuit aisle at the supermarket i promise.. :yes:

    I cultivated the not eating after 7pm habit several years ago so that is easy, it was even “ojukoro” that made me have the chicken. I am a tea collector so i have various flavours which usually makes up my dinner and WATER!!



    You wait till the crackers you have are finished. See this @bosa oh :haha: . My friend, you better dash somebody :haha:

    Okay, okay. I will praise you  😉  :good:

    I’m trying to stick to that 7pm one oh. My mouth seems to love activity from 9pm…as in snacks. That used to be when I’d find my way to the fridge to eat my children’s biscuits  :blush: . Sometimes even drink garri  :blush: . I’m not a serious person abi :haha: . Thankfully, I haven’t done that in a while. Hopefully never again.

    What do you think of intermittent fasting? I’m thinking of incorporating it into my own KETO regimen for quicker results. It’s the same nothing after 6,7pm…and no meal till noon the following day.



    @nicole i will “work out” the biscuit :haha:

    You’ve reminded me of my series binge snacking, yes i do same but not garri oh just biscuits and cereal. Thankfully my boy doesn’t eat biscuits, when i say he cured me of my sweet tooth i mean it. He doesn’t eat biscuits, chocolates or take ice cream so my fridge is devoid of those. I however love my cereal – rice krispses with milk, I can have that at 11pm when watching TV. Again, my boy or hubby do not eat cereal so it’s me, I’m not sure i can stop that as its breakfast some Saturday mornings when i am dashing to Raffy’s.


    Intermittent fasting could work, it’s same as fasting. During lent i do break around 6-8pm daily and i usually lose much more weight then. I noticed in 2-3months, i pile them up again so is this going to be for a period or constant? The problem i think is when things go back to status-quo.



    Bia Bos @bosa, do you have a bakery in your backyard?  :haha:   :haha:   The amount of white bread you’re eating is plenty oh. I think white bread and rice are your main weaknesses and contributor to that mummy pouch.But you’re really doing great :good:   :good:   :good:   :good:

    Nicole @nicole, you mean all this? “That used to be when I’d find my way to the fridge to eat my children’s biscuits  :blush: . Sometimes even drink garri” :haha:   :haha:   :haha:   Na wa oh Thank God for discipline. Me, I have not overcome my nightly gari routine sha B-)

    Intermittent fasting? Is that not too much? If you follow this Keto diet religiously, it will do the trick and you’re doing well so far, except for today’s smoothie.



    @bosa, true it’s the same as fasting…except you can drink water or any other zero calorie drinks. I sip on my lemon/ginger/cucumber/cinnamon tea at such times. When I’m proper fasting (as in, for the Lord  :cloud9: ), I typically do it dry. And I only go to 6pm on some days oh. Na 3pm highest for me :haha: . And girl, that binge snacking is REAL! Once I can be delivered from it fully, I’m halfway to my goal. LOL!

    @oluwakemine, are you lavving at me :haha: . You’re skinny, so you can afford to be drinking garri at odd hours. And my dia, the faster to goal weight, the better ohhh! So if I have to combine the two…



    @oluwakemine garri sha!! Didn’t you see my wheat bread addition? Oya praise me.. B-) Wo let’s just say i have fallen but will be back up by sunday. Had the famous crackers for breakfast as I had run out of most. No aerobics today also, there’s a revival in church i will attend as today is the last day. I’ll resume my class tomorrow morning, have a wedding later in the day and wondering if i should bother going to the class when i will go and eat puff-puff :unsure:

    @nicole i agree you can combine. No harm done.



    @bosa, no shaking dear! We fall down, but we get up…no be so?

    Have fun at the wedding, dear. And if your class is in the evening, you can go burn off the puff puff there  :bodyb:   :bodyb:



    @nicole unfortunately, the class is in morning. Maybe on sunday evening i would do a power walk or try a work out video.

    Next week will be better, I plan to buy my supplies for the entire week as I was always tired to go shopping after classes and too late after church cos my little rocker won’t go to bed until I return. Just that the lettuce starts to wither after a few days hence the need to buy in small portions and re-stock during the week. Any ideas how to preserve them longer? God help us in this country, years ago i used to take those flavoured oatmeals to work. Last time i checked, the price i saw i laughed out loud…for 16 or was it 12 small packs? No need oh



    Falling off the wagon is not an issue but you are already getting back up already @bosa. I’m for you going to that class in the morning oh before eating the puff puff…just for the feel good factor.

    Better to laugh while shopping these days oh B-)   B-)   B-)




    Hello ladies, so I was good, I didn’t eat puffpuff at the wedding only because i left before it was shared but that counts for something :rofl:

    Weekend was good, Barely ate on Saturday, had like 3 spoons of rice at the wedding (wasn’t so nice) and my famous crackers – i didnt finish the pack oh, baby steps. Had the wheat bread sandwich for Sunday breakfast and a tiny portion of pounded yam for lunch/dinner.

    So yea back on the wagon…. :yes:

    cc: @oluwakemine @nicole



    Tuesday – September 26, 2017

    Monday was a good ish day, I had a green smoothie for breakfast, gizdodo and quinoa for lunch and fruits for dinner. Went for my aerobics classes, it was tiring after so many days but it was good.

    Today was meant to be our fast – TFC’s Tuesday’s fast but I forgot (confession time @oluwakemine). Had my green smoothie (spinach, mint, apple, cucumber) and wheat bread sandwich.

    Lunch: Grilled chicken, baked sweet potato and stir-fried vegetables. Snack: Tangerine

    Aerobic classes was step, I could barely move my legs afterwards. Dinner was fruits.

    Wednesday – September 27, 2017

    Smoothie and wheat toast for breakfast, grilled chicken, stir fry veggies and roasted plantain aka boli for lunch, fruits for dinner. Wednesday is usually my gym rest day but i decided to go for a power walk and do some floor exercises at home. I think it helped my soreness.

    Watched Bay watch movie till mid night and found myself eating some cake, I don’t know how that happened. I was drinking a nice chamomile tea all of a sudden i saw cake in my mouth 🙁 . I need to stop watching late night tv or get cloud cake or something. @nicole how is that cloud cake?

    Thursday – September 28, 2017

    Breakfast started off good, had a sweet smoothie on my way to the Jetty, got to work and saw a small piece of cake in my lunch bag.. :scratch: Colleagues came in late and we proceeded to complain about the Apapa traffic and how it has spilled all over Lagos, Went to Facebook and weighed in on some posts with the same complaints then i got tired and peckish, saw them buying pastries and i succumbed to the temptation and bought a scotch egg, at-least its more egg I’m eating shey? :unsure:

    Lunch: Stir fry veggies and spaghetti. Step aerobics for dinner and lots of water to make up for being bad!!!

    I plan to get bulgur, whole meal spaghetti and plain yogurt to mix for smoothie for next week’s meals.

    Goal achieved half :good:

    @oluwakemine @nicole



    @bosa you tried ojare. Sometimes, awful food at parties is a blessing in disguise…lol! Well done dear. I see the move from white to wheat bread…so I will score you for that  😉

    Do you intend to weigh yourself weekly? Monthly?

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