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    This diary is long overdue, I promised to start today so here I am keeping my word. I have battled with the title due to the fact i am not sure it is a weight loss diary but a healthy lifestyle journal.

    I was always that skinny girl, a picky eater with a sweet tooth and love for biscuits. I was called “igi” (translation: stick) once upon a time in my life. :haha:

    Towards my late teen stage, I because obsessed with weight gain as I wanted to be a proper curvy African woman since I felt I truly looked like “I”. I tried all sorts of supplements from “WateOn” to “Complan” and some vitamins that claim to increase appetite yet none worked for me. Fast forward to late 20s, I started to enjoy my trim look not knowing the days were numbered.

    My pre-pregnancy weight was 55kg and I weighed about 65kg on the day of delivery. My pregnancy also cured me of most my sweet tooth till date, my baby didn’t like chocolates, ice-cream, coke et al – I was someone who had coke with my lunch daily, I couldn’t stand coke or even finish a bar of chocolate. After baby birth, I “snapped” back immediately, in literally 2 weeks my tummy was a flat board. All I did was breastfeed nothing more; I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight at 10 weeks with all clothes fitting perfectly.

    As the years went by I continued my sedentary lifestyle, eating what I liked and priding myself with not putting on any weight. Years went by and I found myself moving clothes sizes. Also having a semi-permanent lower belly aka mummy pouch or pregnancy pouch as some others call it. I refuse to accept it as a pregnancy “pouch” as my stomach was flat after child birth for years. I consoled myself it was age and IVF medication but recently admitted it was my lifestyle and diet.

    I guess my wake-up call was my last FET cycle when i discovered exercises aided the uterine lining, i tried power walks/jog daily on that cycle. When it failed, i wondered if exercises were incorporated in my lifestyle just maybe it would have aided that cycle.

    What am I doing differently? For starters, I am working on making better food choices and adding exercises 3-4 times a week, the goal is 5-6 times a week. In the near future, I hope to incorporate swimming and squash. I shall add on boxing next year to help tone the Christian mama arms. My goal is for improved physique, speed, strength and ability to do fun activities if/when the opportunity arises. A newer version of me with God’s guidance, a total overhaul of my lifestyle so I can look and feel great in old age. Hopefully, this would also keep arthritis away since I am predisposed to this.

    Ladies who inspire me include; Kate Hensaw, Omoni Oboli, Uzor Osimkpa, Mo Abudu (she looks great for her age), Ndidi O and Ehimen A.

    Join me as I plunge into this wellness lifestyle, I shall be chronicling my journey. I expect to stumble but I will pick myself back up and forge ahead as I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. :yes:

    @nicole @oluwakemine @Idike @bibi @adaoraa



    @nicole this is the proof you requested for, see my lower bulge….I have had people congratulating me thinking i was pregnant… :haha: I have to explain it’s just food.



    :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:     Mama DID IT!!!! Well done @bosa and you got me  :haha:   :haha:   :haha:   somewhere up there.

    Now, I know the name of that bulge now @mummy pouch, Indeed, are we putting a baby Kangaroo in there?

    Mehn, I’m looking forward to this your action plan, perhaps, I will get off my butt before the baby pouch gets worse. And which christian mummy arms are you talking about? B-)

    I think you should add Angela Basset to that your list. She’s got a banging body for a 59 year old woman. I wanna look that good at that age oh, if Jesus hasn’t come oh. :heart:   :heart:   :heart: Mo Abudu is bae :flasher:   :flasher:



    :yahoo: :yahoo:   :yahoo:  for the diary  :yahoo:   :yahoo:

    That’s how I lost everything I wrote on Friday oooo, @bosa  :wacko: . But anyways, all I can say is that you’re all doing great, and I’m sure you’ll be at your goal weight/body soonest!

    Okay, I see what you mean now :haha:. But no shaking. It aint nothing a few weeks of healthy eating and living can’t fix!

    I’m right behind you, boo  :bodyb:   :bodyb:



    @nicole and @oluwakemine thanks for the vote of confidence…. 🙂

    Don’t laugh at me @nicole, i know i was making fun of your cauliflower rice and cabbage or is it cucumber fufu. :haha: Now i am quite curious, how do you make the rice? Saw some recipes on this website I am thinking of trying.





    Diary Session – September 13, 2017

    Breakfast: White bread sandwich – fillings were lettuce and cucumber with roobis tea.


    Lunch: A sweet pepper lamb stir fry with brown quinoa.

    Took the picture after i started the yummy meal.

    Dinner: Garden salad without dressing.

    Goals achieved today :good:



    Diary Session – September 18, 2017

    Due to the busy weekend, i had no meal preparation done so had no lunch. (Note to self: Prioritise meal preps :dohh: )

    Breakfast: White bread with 2 slices of avocado, chopped lettuce/cabbage and 1 boiled egg with Echinacea & Raspberry Twinnings tea.

    Lunch (Bought around the office): Succulent dodo with steamed Ugwu vegetable. It was delish :yes:

    Made my aerobic classes: jumping jacks, squats, steps, floor exercises etc…I feel so sore… :nope: See the proof below.

    Goals achieved… :good:

    cc: @nicole @oluwakemine @idike @bibi



    @bosa, look at you all healthy eating and all!!! Well done, momma  :good:   :good:   :good:

    But I will mark you down for that white bread oh  :negative: . Babe, you gatsta kiss goodbye to white carbs, or limit to once or twice a week, max. They are the biggest culprits of stomach fat.

    Otherwise, you did well  :good:   :good:   :good:

    Do you know I’ve never tried quinoa? I just might do. I’m just a bit worried about the texture. How is it?

    The cabbage and beef stir fry look interesting, and I just might try it. How do I make my cauliflower rice? I just grate the cauliflower with a normal grater, dear. Then I steam it indirectly (like you’re making moi-moi). Sometimes, I eat with stew and sometimes, as a stir fry. If the latter, no need to steam.

    Well done, babes!



    :haha: at succulent dodo! But nne, you know the number of calories in plantain, right?

    But as you’re exercising, that’s perfect! You’ll burn it all off  :bodyb:   :good:



    @nicole so if like rice to eat with a stir fry i have to steam indirectly? How? I have a moimoi steamer but it has holes at the bottom so i’m not sure i can use for this. I am so making the cabbage and beef stir fry this evening, wondering what will accompany it.

    @nicole :haha: I was waiting for you to call me out on the plantain…..that’s why i explained the meal prep drama. It is quite essential to make our meals for work, failure to do so will result to eating whatever you get. I actually wanted amala but it was finished by the time the janitor got there. Check out that blog, there has been some research on why white rice/bread may actually be better than brown. I guess the same story of eggs are bad, decades later oops its the yoke, i am still researching that and i have cut down on rice to once a week. Went to get wheat bread but they were sold out and i can’t make the bakery on days i have aerobic classes so till tomorrow when i have church – my rest day 🙂 .



    :good: :good:   Go @bosa. This your diary is interesting already…but it’s making me hungry B-) Aha @succulent dodo

    Brown carbs and white carbs will be another ongoing debate like the egg and yolk business. Moderation is key,but thank God you’re exercising though. :bodyb:   :bodyb:



    Weldone @bos :good:   I’m glad you finally started your diary; will be cheering you on. I’ll appreciate if you post more pic of the food before consumption and videos of your aerobic classes if you dont mind. @nicole is she allowed to take dodo?? please send the complete keto cook book to her :haha:   :haha:



    Awesome. What a great start @bosa.

    @nicole mirrors my thought about the white bread and as @oluwakemine said Moderation is key.

    Wishing you success.






    Following you all the way!



    @bibi, if @bosa tries the KETO, na to disappear ooo :haha

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