Trying to conceive over 35

Useful Tips for conceiving over 35

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    Here are some useful tips for women trying to conceive after the grand age of 35 :-)

    1. Your Ob/Gyn must become your best friend!

    Make sure you see your doctor often, to get yourself fully checked out to rule out any conditions that might impeded conception, and to also come up with a good plan going forward.

    2. Eat Right

    The importance of diet can not be overemphasised. You need to eat right to get your body ready for the task ahead. Refined carbohydrates should be eaten very sparingly, or not at all, if you can manage that. In addition to healthy foods like fruits and vegetables, lean protein, and whole grains, foods rich in omega 3, vitamin B6, vitamins C and E, magnesium, zinc, etc., are essential to support hormone production.

    3. Attain a healthy weight

    If you are underweight, you need to bulk up to something healthy and close to your ideal BMI. If you are overweight (as is often the case), now is the time to lose the extra poundage. Yes, you are already off to a good start if you have overhauled your diet. In addition, you need to include regular gym sessions and aerobics, both of which increase blood flow to the body, especially the reproductive organs.

    4. Take Vitamins

    Get your body in excellent shape by taking the required vitamins to harmonise your hormones, and pretty much get your body in great fighting shape.

    5. Get to know your body

    If you haven’t already, this is the time to really get to understand your body, especially concerning when exactly you do ovulate. Whether by charting your BBT (basal body temperature), cervical mucous, etc., it is important you get a good understanding of how exactly your body works.

    6. Invest in a good OPK

    Every cycle, you need to invest in a good Ovulation Predictor Kit (OPK). Yes, yes, you are charting and checking your cervical mucous, but a little help from science never hurt anyone, did it ;-)
    7. Be stress free

    As much as possible, you need to eliminate stress from your life. If you can’t eliminate it, at least reduce it. The main reason for this is that stress greatly affects hormonal balance, and can throw everything off whack if present in excess. Find a good way to de-stress and unwind.


    8. Include your Man!

    Get your man to do pretty much all of the above. He also needs to get a medical examination, eat healthy, take vitamins, and destress as best as he can. And if he can help you with your charting, all the better!


    9. Have LOTS of sex!!!

    Whilst daily sex is not really recommended (in order to keep his numbers good), having sex every other day, especially in your fertile window, will greatly increase your chances….and it’s a great way to destress….so win/win all around ;-)

    Good luck ladies!

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