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    Hello dear ladies! I just wanted to check in with everyone :heart:

    Oluchi (@oluchi) and Ayo (@mabel), my darlings, I’m so sorry that this past cycle didn’t go as planned. But we’ll keep marching on. Remember how many cycles it took some of our sisters here to get their  :bfp: …but they did! We’ll keep on praying and doing our part!! Are you ladies doing anything different this cycle?

    Adoma (@boateng), we’re so sorry the last cycle didn’t work out hun! Sending you lots of  :hug:. Will you be trying IUI again this cycle?

    Yvonne (@naaadzane): good luck this cycle, hun :hugs:. Did you do anything different?

    lovingmythreeangels (@kenechukwu): praying for you this cycle, babes :hugs:

    Jescy (@eaglebabe), how are you hun? Don’t forget to let us know when the new cycle starts hun? I know it will have a better outcome than the last one  :hugs:

    To our gorgeous ladies who are now in the 2 Week Wait Group; Isi (@mimibabe), Boma (@sikala), Abedemi (@sherry), Fola (@chloesams), Aramide (@myde), Grace (@iyawodiipo), Tolulope (@t), and Teetee (@oluwateetee), wishing you all the best ladies…and praying for some wonderful  :bfp:

    Ayaayo (@ayaayo), how are you doing hun? Still NTNP (Not Trying Not Protecting)?  😉

    Ang (@ang) and Odm (@odm), we didn’t hear from you after your 2ww. How did it go dearies?

    Nadia (@nadia): we’re so glad to have you back hun :friends:. Good luck with those test results babe :good:

    Esther (@hadassaha), welcome to the group hun :friends:. We look forward to supporting you here :good:   :friends:

    Omolola (@lowlah) hun…welcome to the group hun  :friends:. We’re so glad to have you  :heart:

    Josie (@jtakshoniwa) dearie….welcome to our family!!! We’re glad you’re here  :friends:

    Doris hun (@dorindanny), welcome hun  :friends:  :hugs:

    Mo (@moyinoluwa), long time no hear babe. How are you doing?  :friends:

    To our dear long lost sisters, Machy (@machylicious), Linda (@babymama), Supergirl (@supergirl), Sisi Nene (@sisinene), Nkiru (@nky), Iluobe (@blessing)….we miss you ladies. Hope you’re all doing great

    :dust: :dust:  :dust:



    @nicole, the only new thing I’m doing this season is taking Evecare. I hope it does some magic. :good:



    @oluchi and @mabel…. Sending you loads of :hug:  :hug:  @nicole is right, I always used to hold on to the light at the of tunnel even when I was tired. :friends:  :hugs:



    Hi @nicole the only i did this cycle is not to skip my vitamins n made i did it at the right tym.but i want to go with Dh to the hospital to check our blood groups my aunt



    That sounds like a great plan, Yvonne (@naaadzane) :hugs:

    @adaoraa, God bless you hun :hugs:

    @sherry, it’s great that you’re taking your vitamins religiously. As for the blood tests, do you suspect anything?




    Thanks for checking @nicole. Getting ready for Saturday’s :test:, keeping my fingers crossed and hoping for the best. Hope you are doing great too. By the way, the doctor asked me to stop all fertility supplements and take only folic acid instead if need be. What do you think of that?



    Hi @nadia, we’ll keep everything crossed for you hun :hugs:. Some doctors prefer patients not to bother with fertility supplements, and that’s fine….as long as they have their treatment plan clearly defined. Folic acid is a good way to get your body baby ready :yes:



    Good morning, my darling sisters :heart:


    Oluchi (@oluchi) hun. How are you doing today? How’s the cycle progressing so far? :hugs:

    Ayo (@mabel) sweetie, sending you lots of :hugs: as always. Whatever plans you have for this cycle, we’re here behind you 100% :hugs:

    Yvonne (@naaadzane): how are you doing hun? You’re now in your 2ww hun? There’s just about a week to go for your day-21 test  :hugs:

    Adoma (@boateng): how are you feeling now hun? Sending lots of :hugs: your way!

    lovingmythreeangels (@kenechukwu): how are you my dear? Any berra  ;-)? Good luck this cycle hun.

    Jescy (@eaglebabe), how are you my dear? Has the new cycle started?

    To our gorgeous ladies who are now in the 2 Week Wait Group; Boma (@sikala), Abedemi (@sherry), Fola (@chloesams), Aramide (@myde), Grace (@iyawodiipo), Tolulope (@t), and Teetee (@oluwateetee), we’re still cheering you on for that :bfp:  :yahoo: . @sherry, I hope  :witch: didn’t show up yesterday. And we’ll be counting down to December with you, @myde …but that’s if the :bfp: doesn’t come first 😉

    Nadia (@nadia): how are you dearie? We’re keeping our fingers crossed for Saturday hun  :hugs:

    Esther (@hadassaha), how are you today, dear? Were you able to check out the palm wine at the stores yesterday? :hug:

    Omolola (@lowlah) hun, how are you doing today? Don’t worry, we’ll just keep counting down to your cycle :good:. When did this one start?

    Josie (@jtakshoniwa) my love, I’m so sorry I read your post late. Let’s just keep praying and hoping hun. It aint over till it’s over  :hugs:

    Doris hun (@dorindanny), how are you doing hun  :hugs:

    long time no hear babe. How are you doing?  :friends:

    Hallo to our long lost sisters, Machy (@machylicious), Linda (@babymama), Supergirl (@supergirl), Sisi Nene (@sisinene), Nkiru (@nky), Iluobe (@blessing), Mo (@moyinoluwa)! Hope you’re all doing great

    Apologies for the downtime the site has been experiencing! We’ve had issues with our hosting platform, but are working towards resolving it a.s.a.p  :yes:



    @nicole thanks! Better luck this month, Amen. I just changed from pregnacate conception to fertile aid women, a nurse adviced that the later is better. God has breathed His breath of life on all our supplements and they will work effectively to His glory in Jesus name, Amen.  :dust:



    AMEN, lovingmythreeangels (@kenechukwu)  :hugs:. He most definitely has :dust:



    Hello darling girls! Hope we all had a great day today  :heart:

    Aramide (@myde) hun…counting down to December already hun  :hugs:  :hugs:

    Oluchi (@oluchi) hun. How are you babe? Hope you’re doing great  :hugs:

    Ayo (@mabel) sweetie, blowing loads of  :kiss: :kiss: your way hun!

    Yvonne (@naaadzane), just checking on you darling. Hope you’re doing awesome! We’re praying for great results with next week’s tests  :hugs:

    lovingmythreeangels (@kenechukwu), how are you feeling with the Fertil Aid? I’ve heard lots of great things about it. Good luck with it sweetie!

    Abedemi (@sherry) hun, we’re so sorry that the  :witch: showed her nasty face! Blowing you lots of  :dust: for this cycle hun  :hugs:

    Jescy (@eaglebabe), how are you my dear? Has the new cycle started?

    Good luck to our ladies in the 2 Week Wait Group; Boma (@sikala), Fola (@chloesams), Aramide (@myde), Grace (@iyawodiipo), Tolulope (@t), Teetee (@oluwateetee), Esther (@hadassaha), and Omolola (@lowlah)! We’re praying for some lovely :bfp:  :yahoo:

    Nadia (@nadia): how are you dearie? We’re praying for great test results come Saturday  :hugs:

    Josie (@jtakshoniwa) sweetie, good luck for tomorrow hun! Really praying for some good news :heart: :cloud9:

    Rayo (@tb0522), welcome to our family  :friends: . Where are you in your TTC journey?


    Doris hun (@dorindanny), Machy (@machylicious), Linda (@babymama), Supergirl (@supergirl), Sisi Nene (@sisinene), Nkiru (@nky), Iluobe (@blessing), Mo (@moyinoluwa)…hope you’re all doing great  :good:



    Abedemi (@sherry) hun! So sorry the cycle didn’t go as planned. Sending lots of hugs your way!



    HUGE congratulations to our sister, Josie (@jtakshoniwa) on getting her  :bfp:  :bfp:  :bfp:

    We’re so happy for you sweetie!!!!  :heart:



    :wohoo: :wohoo:  :wohoo:  doing the shoki in my office



    That news deserves shoki, azonto, skelewu, and shakitibobo all at once oh, @jtakshoniwa  :yahoo:

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