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    @deetee, in the evening the doctors came to check all the test results and said my pcv (37) was ok that I could even donate platelets. I would advise you to start taking iron supplements or any food or vegetable that can boost your blood level because you would need it. The doctor also asked for the blood donor and I told him my husband would donate, I asked him if it would not affect my husband since he would be the one running around. The doctor then said most times they don’t usually use it but in case of emergencies,  so that they would not start running up and down, but he said he would arrange two  for me so that If I eventually use it my husband would donate later. After he left I started praying that the blood of Jesus should mix with my blood to reduce blood loss, because one of my colleagues was transfused with hepatitis blood in the same General hospital.  I also called my brother from Lagos to come down to assist my husband because general hospital wahala too much, this doctor would come write this and another would come write another thing to buy, but I  didn’t tell him anything so as not to hint my mum.

    Later on the anesthesiologists came, they were wonderful people, they asked questions like, do you smoke, drink, have issues with anybody, have artificial or shaking tooth, have  cough and any allergic reaction. I told then I usually have ulcer when I take NSAID and I began my lamentation about general or spinal anesthesia. I told them that I would prefer spinal and the guys said they normally give general for myomectomies because most times the spinal wears off before the end of surgery as a result of poor storage and some other human factors. He also said some consultants prefer general that it makes it easier for them to work without interference from the abdomen. So I said what if I don’t wake up after the surgery then they all started laughing and said I shouldn’t worry that before I know it they would call me out from the dream land, and that they do myomectomies almost every day without problems. I was told not eat or drink anything after 12 midnight.

    Please make sure you don’t have cough and if you do treat it before that day because it would not be palatable coughing with a sutured abdomen.

    At night my consultant came with the other SR and he encouraged me, he even scared me by saying that  if the fibroid was too big they would cut vertical, he went through all my test results and there was no urine test he was very angry and told them that they must take my urine to the lab  for one kind test or else no surgery. Infact I was so happy that if result was not ready before  morning I would just pack my things and go home, I no do again oh.

    After the consultant left I called my mum’s immediate sister, she is a nurse and  we are very close, she can keep secret unlike my mum that would just call my grandma and begin to wail as if somebody died. I told her about the myomectomy she was very happy, she had been encouraging me to go for it since last year when I had the bleeding episode, she told her husband and they both prayed for me that night and really encouraged me. I was very happy,  immediately I drank the farm fresh yogurt with me because after surgery no more cold things oh.

    8th of December

    To be continued tomorrow

    Goodnight everyone



    Kemi @mercy, sorry about the network drama but thank God, you could type again.

    Deetee @deetee, infertility is not a topic to be discussed with everyone, because people react differently, so it’s fine that you can confide in your husband.

    What are his thoughts on the myomectomy?



    @mercy, well done and thanks for taking out time to type again irrespective of the challenge with the network.

    I can totally relate with you on the general anesthesia. There was one time I did a hysteroscopy and I felt like my “spirit left my body”. Don’t know if too much nollywood was responsible but I didn’t like the feeling at all. Then I did an evacuation after the miscarriage and begged the doctor not to knock me out…. The pain ehn, was out of this world.

    @oluwakemi he doesn’t even understand the doctors as some say it’s not necessary to have the myomectomy while others say I should. We are only going ahead because the fibroids may be the cause of infertility/the last miscarriage (even though we are not certain). He is suggesting that we do the laparoscopy at Nordica because he knows nothing about Southshore.




    Deetee @deetee hun, I’m glad you’ve come to that decision, and GOD will surely go with you :heart:

    If I’m to suggest, Southshore hands down for the laparoscopy. Dr. Alabi is one of the best in that area, and those Nordica doctors  :negative:   :negative:



    Deetee @deetee, with such varied opinions, I can understand why, he maybe confused. Thank God he is on board now and even suggesting clinics. However, I would suggest that you encourage him to learn more about Southshore Women’s clinic, as well as Dr, Alabi. He is one of the best hand in the business, especially, laparoscrospic surgery. I wouldn’t advice Nordica at all but it’s your call.

    And for this,  “I felt like my “spirit left my body”, I think, it’s too much Nollywood oh. I have never been knocked out but I know, you really shouldn’t feel anything.



    @nicole and @oluwakemi, thank you for your responses. I will share with the husband and we will take a position.

    Amen to the prayers and have a wonderful Christmas ladies. @mercy


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